2014 Bioscience Admission and Interviews

<p>Since we are all in the process of applying, I thought I would start this year's thread.</p>

<p>In your posts, include the following information.</p>

<p>[Undergrad. University]
[Undergrad. Major(s)]
[Undergrad GPA]
[Grad. Major(s)]
[Grad GPA]
[Years of Research Experience]
[GRE Scores]
[Prospective Graduate Program]
[Prospective Graduate Schools]</p>


<p>Undergrad University - Medium Sized Private Research University
Undergrad Major - Bioengineering
Undergrad GPA - 3.96/4.0
Years of Research Experience - 3 years in University lab, 2 REU's
GRE scores - V 89%, Q 98%, AW 92%
Prospective Graduate Progam - Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
Prospective Graduate Schools - </p>

Ga Tech
Wake Forect/Va Tech
U Mich

<p>[Undergrad. University] - Top 10 Liberal Arts College
[Undergrad. Major(s)] - Biology
[Undergrad GPA] - 3.78
[Years of Research Experience] - 3 full years by the time I graduate
[GRE Scores] - 168Q, 163V, 5.0W
[Prospective Graduate Program] - Genetics/Molecular Biology
[Prospective Graduate Schools]
-Johns Hopkins
-University of Washington
-UC Berekeley
-University of Wisconsin
-Baylor College of Medicine
-UNC Chapel Hill</p>

<p>^You're really not going to want to apply to 17 schools. I applied to 10, and that was too many. Also, it's spelled Berkeley :)</p>

<p>[Undergrad. University] University of Washington
[Undergrad. Major(s)] Molecular Biology
[Undergrad GPA] 3.04
[Years of Research Experience] More of a job than a research position, but I coordinate clinical trials in pediatric oncology at a hospital.
[GRE Scores] Have not done. Practice exam says 158V 154Q but I haven't really studied yet.
[Prospective Graduate Program] Biostatistics
[Prospective Graduate Schools]
Boston, Michigan, UMN, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Buffalo
Might add Duke (but it's so expensive) and UNC (but fairly certain I don't have the grades).
[Other info] Grew up on a cherry orchard, thought I wanted to work in a lab after college but hated it. Flew to Hong Kong and tutored English for a few months before deciding to get into clinical research. 1.5 years later I realize I want to do biostatistics, so here I am. Taking linear algebra on top of my job and plan to study/take the GRE in January, so I'll mainly go for rolling admissions. If I have to wait and try again next year, I won't be too upset.</p>

<p>[Undergrad. University] UCSD
[Undergrad. Major(s ) Bioengineering
[Undergrad GPA] 3.07
[Grad. Major(s)] 3.15
[Grad GPA]
[Years of Research Experience] 3 years in UCSD lab
[GRE Scores] 144V 157Q
[Prospective Graduate Program] Bioengineering
[Prospective Graduate Schools]</p>


<p>[Undergrad. University]: Medium size state school</p>

<p>[Years of Research Experience] 1 semester in undergrad, bit over a year full time post grad. 3rd author publication submitted for review, 1st author paper in preparation, and 1 poster presentation at a conference.
[GRE Scores] 161V 159Q 4.0AW<br>
[Prospective Graduate Program] Cell and Molecular Bio; Dev and Stem cell if offered
[Prospective Graduate Schools]</p>

<p>UC Denver
CU Boulder
Boston U
Duke U
UC Irvine</p>

<p>I know that this process can be super stressful, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me. Best of luck to everyone! :)</p>

<p>Thank you Bassish101!</p>

<p>[Undergrad. University] - International Medical Graduate
[Undergrad. Major(s)] - M.B.B.S.
[Years of Research Experience] - Research projects during med school and 1 year as clinical researcher.
[GRE Scores] - 158V, 163Q
[Prospective Graduate Program] - Neuroscience
<a href="Still%20finalizing">Prospective Graduate Schools</a>

<p>[Undergrad. University] Harvard
[Undergrad. Major(s)] Molecular and Cell Bio
[Undergrad GPA] 3.84
[Years of Research Experience] 2.5 in bio by graduation
[GRE Scores] 168 V, 165 Q, 6 AW ; awaiting Biochem scores (aaah)
[Prospective Graduate Program] Biophysics or Computational Biology
[Prospective Graduate Schools]

<p>This is getting stressful fast... Good luck to all!</p>

<p>[Undergrad. University] UC Irvine
[Undergrad. Major(s)] Developmental and Cell Biology, Medical Anthropology Minor
[Undergrad GPA] 3.2
[Years of Research Experience] 2 in a developmental biology lab during undergrad, currently fulfilling 1 year post-bac research internship at UCSD SOM
1 year Excellence in Research program (poster/research talk/publication)
SURP fellow + stipend
[GRE Scores] 159 V, 159 Q, 4.5 AW
[Prospective Graduate Program] Molecular/Cell Bio Umbrellas, considering Human Genetics or Translational Genomics
[Prospective Graduate Schools]
UCSD - Biomedical Sciences
Scripps - Chem and Biological Sciences
Sanford Burnham
UC Denver - Human Genetics
UCI (maybe) - CMB</p>

<p>Good luck everyone!</p>

<p>Are you guys sure you want to get a PhD in biosciences????
Considering you all think you want to be researchers, hopefully you have all done the background research (google) on the Bio PhD job market. If you enter a bio grad program, you will likely spend 6 years getting a Phd, another 6 years doing 2 postdocs (getting paid 40K for 60-70h weeks), and then when you are in your mid/late 30's you will end up getting an entry level job that you could have gotten immediately after college without the PhD. There just are not enough jobs related to bio research, relative to the number of PhDs being produced. </p>

<p>Is America's Science Education Gap Caused By Career Planning Fears?</p>

<p>Fix the PhD : Nature : Nature Publishing Group</p>

<p>I was a PhD student in a top department. It has been 6 years and there is only 2/20 people from my class that have a tenure track or industry PI job.</p>

<p>The other's have left science or are still postdoc'ing at 40K looking for a way out. Think long and hard...........</p>

<p>@BAFapoptosis deciding not to pursue a PhD or any graduate education for that matter based on the current economic environment and job market would be misguided because no one can predict what either will look like in the next 5-6 years...if you like science, do science.</p>

<p>Are we really going to rehash this conversation from last year's thread?</p>

<p>The odds of getting the job I want are 0% if I don't have a PhD. Assuming my class has about the same success as yours did, I have a 10% chance of getting the job I want if I do have one. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Surely you knew that before you started your program...</p>

<p>This poster did this same thing last year and virtually took over the thread. My advice, follow your passion, do YOUR OWN reasearch and ignore.</p>

<p>Yes and I will continue to do it for every year that I wasted as a graduate student (that still leaves 4 more application cycles). Even if I just reach one person who is on the fence, has another opportunity, or just doesn't know about the dismal career prospects of a life science PhD.</p>

<p>Exactly, do your own research. Type "biology PhD job market" into google. Pretty simple.</p>

<p>I do think it's important for people to be made aware of the current job availability (though I would hope that, if you're applying for a PhD, you've already done the relevant research yourself), so I'm not sure it's fair to say that this is the wrong place for any amount of that. But I would point out, Mr. Apoptosis, that this thread is earmarked for discussion of a particular subject, and that it will get annoying and somewhat unfair if you take up too much of the space here with this message, even though I think it's an important one. Maybe you could start a different thread for it; if it's in the list of topics, presumably everyone coming here will see it, and you'll have reached everyone you aimed to without distracting from the topic here.</p>

<p>Sorry for raining on the parade. I do not enjoy it, but you would be surprised how many incoming grad students are oblivious to the situation.</p>

<p>Last post. Good luck!</p>

<p>I received an interview invite to Baylor College of Medicine by email! I'm really excited about that, I wasn't expecting to get anything for another month or so.</p>