2014 Official Wait List Results Thread

<p>As the offer notices are received - please post the following:</p>

<p>1) Did you communicate to school expressing interest since your wait list letter
2) Do you expect to get financial aid
3) What school did you accept on May 1st
4) Do you now plan to attend Vanderbilt</p>

<p>No need to post grades or ECs as everyone on the wait list likely has very similar credentials.</p>

<p>I think it would also be a good idea to post which college you got off the wait list for (Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Blair, or Peabody).</p>

<p>Admitted from the waitlist today!</p>

<p>1) Yes, I sent two emails, one on April 9th and one on April 21st. I expressed my very strong continued interest and also talked about some awards I received since I submitted my application
2) Yes, I applied for financial aid
3) University of Notre Dame
4) Still not sure, I plan on taking the full three days to decide
5) College of Arts and Sciences </p>

<p>Admitted from Waitlist! </p>

<p>1.) not really, besides answering the emails they sent.
2.) hopefully. Financial aid will have a lot to do with my decision.
3.) University of Southern California
4.)Not sure. As stated before, financial aid will be a big factor for me</p>

<p>College of arts and sciences! </p>

<li>One e-mail and an additional recommendation</li>
<li>University of Alabama</li>
<li>Maybe, I have to think some things over and discuss it with my family. </li>
<li>Arts & Sciences (Econ major)</li>

<li>One email and a family recommendation</li>
<li>University of California-Berkeley</li>
<li>Still not sure.</li>
<li>College of arts and sciences.</li>

<p>I got admitted from the wait list yesterday!</p>

<li>One email to my admissions counselor expressing strong interest, and a 100% commitment to Vanderbilt if accepted from the wait list.</li>
<li>Yes, quite a bit actually.</li>
<li>I didn’t accept any. I didn’t have any to accept. I actually had just started a new application to a rolling admissions university that we have locally, which I am far overqualified for. I only had one safety accept me from my list, and they were far out of my financial range. So… yeah, it was Vandy or my local university.</li>
<li>Yes! I already paid my matriculation fee, and can’t wait to attend this fall!</li>
<li>College of Arts and Sciences</li>

<p>Accepted off of the Waitlist!</p>

<p>1) Sent one very long and heartfelt email explaining why I wanted to go to Vandy and updating on achievements. Also had my chemistry teacher (my major) write a rec and guidance counselor called.
2) Zero.
3) UT Austin McCombs school of Business
4) Accepted my spot and paid deposit last night! Beyond excited!</p>

<p>Who did you guys send the email to?
Your area admissions rep or the admissions office?</p>

<p>SusieAnn, what schools were you rejected from? Congratulations on Vanderbilt!! </p>