2014 University of Redlands Decisions

<p>D accepted to Redlands EA. No scholarship news yet. Others?</p>

<p>S was accepted to Redlands today. No scholarship info. Just info on how to secure spot with deposit. Will need the scholarship info first.</p>

<p>It took them quite awhile to get the scholarship info out. They were not as generous, sadly, as other schools my daughter has been accepted to. That will probably take the school out of the running for her.</p>

<p>Final scholarship details came out and in the end it far exceeded our expectations. D is waiting for all colleges admission decisions before getting down to business of deciding which school</p>

<p>That's great, lab317, congrats to your daughter.</p>

Daughter did an early app, got accepted and found out was awarded Presidential Scholarship. Do folks feel like this school is a good academic choice?