2015 THE Undisputed CFP National Champion - Ohio State Buckeye!!!

Here is a toast to the TRUE National Champions -THE Ohio State Buckeyes!!! GO BUCKSSSSS!!! LOL

Ohio State 42, Oregon 20: Buckeyes are 2015 National Champions


“O-H” :smiley:

Can’t wait to see a repeat next year!

^^ And we will do it with our 4th-string QB next year!! XD

Urban Meyer gets third title as Ohio State wins first College Football Playoff :slight_smile:


Brutus Buckeye | National Champions | Walt Disney World


Go Bucks!!! :wink:

What a game.
What a team.

A proud day for the team, OSU, and Ohio.
And Urban Meyer. :slight_smile:

The Empire State Building Goes Scarlet and Gray to Honor Ohio State’s Championship


First-ever CFP National Champions!! Top of The World!!! Gooooo Bucks!! :slight_smile:

Wow that is so neat. Thanks for posting Sparkeye.
I just talked to my daughter who is a freshman at OSU.
Thank god she did not get pepper sprayed or maced last night.
She says the mood on campus this morning is very “high energy.” :slight_smile:

You are welcome, OSUmom!! :smiley:

I am glad to hear that your daughter is safe and enjoying her ‘little’ celebration on campus this morning. Fortunately, nothing major in terms of rioting last night… Campus and Columbus Police did a great job in keeping both the campus and the city safe throughout this historical moment in school’s history.

Personally, I graduated in '02 - the undefeated 14-0 season when tOSU last won its national championship under HC Tressel by taking down the then mighty Miami Hurricanes in the Fiesta Bowl. Fast forward to this past season '14 which ended last night with winning yet another impressive national championship title in which I was blessed with our first-born. What more could I ask for but Thanking our good Lord for all the extended holiday “presents” throughout my life. Once again, I am overjoyed, thrilled and proud of my beloved Alma Mater!! XD

My only hope would be that when it comes time for my son to apply to tOSU for college, he will have a good enough grade to get in… After all, I am told that well over 50,000 applicants nationwide are competing for roughly 7,000 spots for the upcoming freshman class. lol Last year alone, a 25% increase in application was reported - making the school one of the most popular college choices in the country if not the world!! This year, the admission rate (percentage) should further drop down to around mid-30s. TOSU is currently the most selective institution next to Northwestern and Michigan in the Big Ten. Moreover, Ohio State has been the most improved school in terms of academics and facilities amongst the Top-Public schools in the nation. Now back to news of our student-athletes’ successes on the field:

ESPN Sets Cable Ratings Record With First College Football Playoff Championship Game


As Ohio State was winning a national title, Urban Meyer earned three commitments, one from 5-star RB Kareem Walker: Buckeyes recruiting


How firm thy friendship. Listen as 2002 national champ Cie Grant serenades us with Carmen Ohio.


Gooooooooooo Bucks!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you Sparkeye for the safety update, I was a bit worried, but I did not mean to scare anyone and make it sound worse than it really was! I agree, the celebrations were pretty tame compared to what it could have been.

I graduated from OSU back in the 80’s when Earle Bruce was the coach, with a a great deal of excitement around Rose Bowl games. Recent events have had a deja vu quality for me and I am so excited that my daughter is there to experience all of it. But to be honest she is more concerned about her chemistry class than she is about football. :slight_smile: Though my husband and I are having so much fun watching the Bucks this season. And so proud.

Yes OSU is getting more competitive every year, and who knows what will happen in the future. If my daughter had not been accepted to the main campus last year I had thought about her going to a branch campus for a year then transferring to the main campus. So we had Plan B.

Thanks so much for the URLs, I have been reading a lot on the internet today about OSU, but did not see these!
Will take a look with pleasure!
Go Bucks

Ohio State Overtakes Texas as the Most Valuable Program in College Football


Go Bucks!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, that is unbelievable.
I suppose my daughter won’t be able to get a selfie with Urban now. :slight_smile:

What do you think Cardale with do? He has only until tomorrow to make up his mind to stay or leave OSU.

Although I am not 100% positive, my take is that Jones will most likely stay and play alongside Barrett. Miller on the other hand should depart to the NFL.

With NFL talk buzzing, Cardale Jones says he’s ‘not ready’


Back to celebrating the national championship!

Official Ohio State championship celebration will be Jan. 24


Go Bucks!! :smiley:

From the previous article, I am still trying to wrap my head around a football team worth $1.1 billion.

Even OSU. :slight_smile:

You think that Meyer is going to make Jones and Barrett co- QBs? Something like that??

Yes I agree, Braxton is off to the pros, but also Barrett could go as well.
What about Zeke, is he going to stay or leave?
They are even talking about Urban going to the pros but he said he is going to stay at OSU for the time being.

Oh that is neat about the celebration!
Thanks for the info…
great stuff you are finding…

Just saw this on Urban Meyer twitter account:

Urban Meyer @OSUCoachMeyer · 6h 6 hours ago
Honored to receive a congratulatory call from President Obama. Our team is excited to go to the White House and meet him.

Yeah, Barrett needs to show the NFL that he is fully recovered from the injury to help his draft stock next year playing for tOSU.

Unfortunately, he was also injured… Even though he is certainly more experienced than Barrett, he might still need to transfer to another school for his final year of collegiate eligibility in order to improve his NFL draft picks as well.

Zeke will stay for another year due to NCAA regulation.

College Football Show NFL’s Draft Rule Hurts Certain Players

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ohio-state-ezekiel-elliott-nfl-draft-rule-2015-1#ixzz3OqkWRiL5

Yeah, saw that earlier as well. It’s a great news/exposure for the school and the buckeye nation! Thanks for sharing! Go Bucks!! :slight_smile:

Oh well, Cardale is gone… Best of Luck to him!

Cardale Jones to make NFL draft announcement at 3 p.m.


Let’s hope that Braxton will stay as the result of his departure. Go Bucks!! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Sparkeye for all the wonderful info.

Why would Braxton go to another college, why not just stay at OSU?
But then there are still more QBs than Urban needs.
However Urban has been a genius when it comes to personnel issues, so I guess he will sort it out.
We just don’t want to go from 3 QBs to 0. :frowning:

I didn’t realize that Zeke couldn’t leave. He is in a real bind it sounds like.
Maybe Urban will play him just enough to keep him active and show his stuff, but not so much he gets hurt.

I am not surprised about Cardale, Urban stated that Cardale’s stock and brand would might never be higher than it is now, so it makes sense to make the leap. I wish him well and hope he does a super job.

Just imagine, from the Horseshoe to the White House. What a journey for our Bucks.

Are you going to the Celebration on the 24th?
Have you been to one before? What can I expect if I go???

Went to Dick’s Sporting Goods today and they had tables and tables of OSU paraphernalia. It was flying off the shelves.

Wow, Cardale is staying. He said school is his first priority, he wants his degree.
He handled himself very well and made us proud, a remarkable performance today. :slight_smile:
Love him and OSU!

You answered the question yourself…

Update: Cardale has spoken!! He is… STAYING at tOSU for next year!!! Whew… :pensive:


I live in Chicago. And there is no way that my wife will allow me to travel back to C-bus with our baby just for the celebration during the winter… Well, I’ve not personally been to one myself. But I am pretty sure the team will most likely parade through the High Street (weather permits) with tenth of thousands of fans cheering on. And you might be able to take a picture with the championship trophy on temporary display at the Union afterwards?! I would not be surprised if the school decides to use Schottenstein Center or Nationwide Arena as venue to host the event. In short, enjoy the celebration if you decide to go! Perhaps you could also spend some quality time with your daughter since it’s on Saturday. Cheers! :slight_smile:

I see, so Braxton would go to another college where he has a guarantee to start?
Do you know where he might go?
I wonder why he didn’t go pro, didn’t he have to declare yesterday too??

But maybe they will all go back to tOSU, it is such a unique situation.
They could all play for another year, Urban could rotate them somehow,
this would give them the exposure but reduce the chance of injury.
They would have a chance to be seen, to play and to win another championship.

(Sorry to ask so many questions, I don’t know much about football.
I have a PhD from tOSU, but it was not from the athletic department as you can see!
When I was a student I did read the Lantern’s game commentary every Monday morning after a game,
that is about it.)

Thanks for the great article about Cardale’s interview. I know a lot of the commentators are being critical of him for doing an interview, but I think it was the right decision for him to do so. He demonstrated maturity, poise and good judgement. I think staying another year was the right choice, what do you think??

I think it would be so much fun to go up for the celebration, but my husband thinks it is going to be too cold and a madhouse. :frowning: Oh I would love to see that beautiful trophy in the Union, OMG. I wonder where it will be housed permanently? I am on campus at least once a month, maybe I can see it at the Athletic Center, or wherever it will be displayed.

It is interesting, my daughter, a freshman, and her roommates and friends, seem a bit oblivious to all the hoopla.
For them, OSU is where they live and go to school, they are more worried about classes, studying and their social lives. Which is a good thing, that is as it should be.