2015 THE Undisputed CFP National Champion - Ohio State Buckeye!!!

Thanks so much Sparkeye for all the wonderful info.

Why would Braxton go to another college, why not just stay at OSU?
But then there are still more QBs than Urban needs.
However Urban has been a genius when it comes to personnel issues, so I guess he will sort it out.
We just don’t want to go from 3 QBs to 0. :frowning:

I didn’t realize that Zeke couldn’t leave. He is in a real bind it sounds like.
Maybe Urban will play him just enough to keep him active and show his stuff, but not so much he gets hurt.

I am not surprised about Cardale, Urban stated that Cardale’s stock and brand would might never be higher than it is now, so it makes sense to make the leap. I wish him well and hope he does a super job.

Just imagine, from the Horseshoe to the White House. What a journey for our Bucks.

Are you going to the Celebration on the 24th?
Have you been to one before? What can I expect if I go???

Went to Dick’s Sporting Goods today and they had tables and tables of OSU paraphernalia. It was flying off the shelves.

Wow, Cardale is staying. He said school is his first priority, he wants his degree.
He handled himself very well and made us proud, a remarkable performance today. :slight_smile:
Love him and OSU!

You answered the question yourself…

Update: Cardale has spoken!! He is… STAYING at tOSU for next year!!! Whew… :pensive:


I live in Chicago. And there is no way that my wife will allow me to travel back to C-bus with our baby just for the celebration during the winter… Well, I’ve not personally been to one myself. But I am pretty sure the team will most likely parade through the High Street (weather permits) with tenth of thousands of fans cheering on. And you might be able to take a picture with the championship trophy on temporary display at the Union afterwards?! I would not be surprised if the school decides to use Schottenstein Center or Nationwide Arena as venue to host the event. In short, enjoy the celebration if you decide to go! Perhaps you could also spend some quality time with your daughter since it’s on Saturday. Cheers! :slight_smile:

I see, so Braxton would go to another college where he has a guarantee to start?
Do you know where he might go?
I wonder why he didn’t go pro, didn’t he have to declare yesterday too??

But maybe they will all go back to tOSU, it is such a unique situation.
They could all play for another year, Urban could rotate them somehow,
this would give them the exposure but reduce the chance of injury.
They would have a chance to be seen, to play and to win another championship.

(Sorry to ask so many questions, I don’t know much about football.
I have a PhD from tOSU, but it was not from the athletic department as you can see!
When I was a student I did read the Lantern’s game commentary every Monday morning after a game,
that is about it.)

Thanks for the great article about Cardale’s interview. I know a lot of the commentators are being critical of him for doing an interview, but I think it was the right decision for him to do so. He demonstrated maturity, poise and good judgement. I think staying another year was the right choice, what do you think??

I think it would be so much fun to go up for the celebration, but my husband thinks it is going to be too cold and a madhouse. :frowning: Oh I would love to see that beautiful trophy in the Union, OMG. I wonder where it will be housed permanently? I am on campus at least once a month, maybe I can see it at the Athletic Center, or wherever it will be displayed.

It is interesting, my daughter, a freshman, and her roommates and friends, seem a bit oblivious to all the hoopla.
For them, OSU is where they live and go to school, they are more worried about classes, studying and their social lives. Which is a good thing, that is as it should be.

I am going to be on campus today, I wonder if the trophy is on display at the Union. Will check it out.
When I was in grad school at tOSU, I was way too busy with the tough academic program, no time
for football hoopla. Now I get to have fun with it!

That’s the million dollar question. I wish I have all the answers, but I do not! :stuck_out_tongue:

As I had alluded a few days ago, he needed to prove to the NFL that he has since fully recovered from the injury. Another season will allow him to do so, especially at another school where he does not have to share his role as the starting QB which will increase his on-field exposure and chances of being drafted.

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Same here. I was a Pre-med with a major in Molecular Genetics who later attended medical school in the east coast. I had only attended one game throughout my time at tOSU.

Definitely. He knows that by staying at tOSU one more year, it will only raise his NFL draft stock next year. With only 3 game appearance this past season, it will be difficult if not impossible to be drafted in the first or second round.

It will not be at the Union until the 24th for an afternoon. However, it will be on permanent display at the Woody Hayes Athletic Facility along with all the other past major football awards/trophies.

It is interesting, my daughter, a freshman, and her roommates and friends, seem a bit oblivious to all the hoopla.
For them, OSU is where they live and go to school, they are more worried about classes, studying and their social lives. Which is a good thing, that is as it should be.

This is THE Ohio State University (ranked #34 academically in the whole world by USNWR!!), not Ohio University where academic does reign supreme imho! When I was there as a student, I had only attended one football game, and that was against the poor Indiana (free ticket given to me by a buddy of mine). It was not until roughly a decade after my graduation, I finally get to relax and enjoy watching football games (whenever possible - still busy), cheering for the Buckeyes as an Alum. Sorry for the late reply, my baby has been suffering from fever since yesterday. In short, hope you had enjoyed your brief visit back to the campus.

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Go Bucks!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply and information Sparkeye, I will read the articles!
Sorry for my late reply, it was a busy day at OSU and then catch up time when I got back.
I have clinic hours on Saturday. (I am a psychologist).
My daughter is a genetics major, pre med like you!

I hope the baby is doing better and the fever has come down.

Oh yes, sorry, you answered the Braxton question before. I am old, my brain doesn’t work as well as it used to!
I am a psychologist, so I find the psychology of football so interesting, and right now there is a lot of psychology going on!

I think Cardale’s interview showed maturity and focus, which is going to help raise his stock. And three games only, who wants to take a chance on him. It should be an interesting year next year.

Yes I could not find any info about the trophy being displayed right now, so yes it looks like it won’t be available for viewing until the 24th! I will try to get the Woody Hayes Center later to see it. As I said I am on campus at least once a month. tOSU hosts a lot of parent events, this past Friday for example was OSU parent and student night at COSI. Everything was free, with chartered buses etc. They do quite a lot for the students and parents, free first run movies on the Oval with free food. I may have mentioned on football nights, there are jumbotrons at the union with more free food. They have a fabulous parent weekend in the fall and spring. Everyone has a ball, you would be amazed. The campus atmosphere is very different from when I was there many years ago. They have something now called the Freshman Year Experience, with lots of perks, mentoring, activities, etc for freshman.

Yes when I was at OSU, of course the football talk was there, but I was focused totally on my classes, dissertation, etc. Now I can be a fan. My daughter and her friends had not even heard about the Cardale interview or that he might leave, but they thought he did the right thing to stay when I informed them of the situation. My daughter says she sees Urban Meyer on campus all the time, he is always walking somewhere on campus it seems. I told her to try and get a selfie last month, but now he is going to be mobbed I would think every time he ventures out.

Yes I have been following the tOSU rankings, it is amazing. And I am not sure if you are aware, but the plan is keep raising the average ACT score, tOSU wants to be on par with Michigan and Wisconsin. Also right now, it is the best financial bargain around, tuition is reasonable and the opportunities and academics are excellent. Also there is a big fun factor at OSU now, consistently is ranked high on that dimension, over a 1000 clubs, etc. The rec center is the largest in the US I believe. Oh another thing, don’t know if they had Carmen when you were there (internet, not the song.) The kids do a lot of the academic work on Carmen, take quizzes, write papers etc. I was up there one weekend and Carmen went down and the kids ran around with their hair on fire, not knowing what to do. I suggested that they study the old fashioned way, get out their books and a yellow highlighter. :slight_smile:

Currently there are 60,000 students on the main campus, I think about 40,000 applications last year, and 7000 freshman slots.

PS Next year sophomores will have to live on campus, they are building sophomore dorms every where and will have something called the sophomore year transformational experience, I think it is called. There will be an academic, a prof assigned to each dorm for mentoring and assistance. This year all the STEM freshman students were given some cash to take a prof to lunch, my daughter took her chemistry professor out to lunch, it was really neat. My daughter also got a free trip to Israel over the break, and won an iPad in a research raffle. It just goes on and on, all the fun and perks.

Did you mean that at OU academics reign supreme? I do not think that is the case any more. :frowning:

^^Amen to most of what you are sharing regarding to tOSU’s wonderful learning environment these days!! I am certain that the prospective kids here on CC will certainly appreciate your input! :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking! Thank God. He is fine now. lol

Nope or at least I was not aware of. I guess tOSU is certainly more high-tech these days and integrated IT as part of its interactive learning curriculum.

Actually, the day you were on campus, it was on displayed at the Wexner Medical Center per school’s facebook news feed. But I agree that your best bet would be to see it at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center once the trophy is on permanent display.

I know. I posted that related information here on CC before. Great opportunities for you daughter. :slight_smile:

I believe there are roughly 44,000 undergrad on the main campus of the 60,000 total (which includes the regional campuses and additional roughly 14,000 graduate students) students. There were 43,750 total applications last year for about 7,000 incoming freshman class. This year is supposed to be even more selective with well over 50,000 applications in total.

No, I meant, unlike OU which has been consistently listed as the perennial Top-10 if not number#1 Party School in the nation by various polls, tOSU is way more prestigious academically with most of the students (pre-professionals especially) focusing more on their school works.

Ohio University Reigns As The Nation’s Top Party School


I have some good information about tOSU, during OSU orientations and parent weekends, there are seminars, large room meetings with Dr Drake and other high level brass who tell us what is happening on campus and current and future projects. Right now the prospective students on the forum are focused on admission, which is understandable of course. I do not know if they are interested in campus details or football at this time. :slight_smile:

So glad the baby is better, that is a relief for you and your wife. I was so worried when my daughter was ill as a young child, and my husband would just fall apart. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, tOSU is very high tech. At one of the orientations, we were told that the campus has the third largest internet system in the US. The first two are the CIA and the Pentagon. And OSU has the largest rec center in the US. The superlatives just go on and on. You get really bowled over at the orientations. :slight_smile:

The kids take their lap tops and iPads to class and take notes on them. My daughter has an IPAD with a pen and she can write her notes right on the screen and save it.

Oh rats, I was on Campus Friday and Monday, so I could have run down to the Med Center and seen it. Oh well I can get to the Woody Hayes and see it eventually.

Yes I agree totally with your comments about OU. Interesting article about OU. :frowning:

My daughter thinks her dorm is somewhat of a party dorm, but I was there once late on a Saturday night, and it seemed pretty tame to me. It was quiet and the most excitement was deciding if they were going to go skating on Mirror Lake and if the ice would hold them. The kids are all nice, polite, well mannered, friendly, and seemed sober to me on a Saturday night.

Another interesting phenomenon is how such a big campus never feels crowded.
When I was at tOSU many years ago, the campus was shabby, over crowded and bordering on decrepit.
Today it is modern, totally updated and new, spacious and clean. The Thompson library, the Union, etc
are never crowded or jammed. I keep wondering where all the 60,000 students are hiding. The infrastructure now is obviously large enough to handle the number of students perfectly. The library and union are like fine hotel lobbies.

I agree, most of the kids I talk to at tOSU seem to be focused on doing well academically so they can get into grad or professional school.

Field tickets available for OSU celebration


Love this Michigan fan! Go Bucks!! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is crazy… lol

Oregon fan a man of his word, gets an Ohio State tattoo on his thigh


Go Bucks!! :slight_smile:

Sparkeye, thank you for the articles!
Alas I cannot go on Saturday, the event is too early, I have to work that morning. :frowning:
Priceless trophy picture…
I am at some point going to get my picture taken with that trophy!
OSU history.

Photo: Ohio State’s championship trophy on public display


Go Bucks!! :slight_smile:

Go Bucks!

I was at the tOSU Union yesterday and looked around to see if the trophy was sitting around anywhere. :slight_smile:
Now I know where it was…