2015 University of Tulsa Vision Scholarship

“Just heard very encouraging words from TU Rep: “All students who applied for but aren’t awarded the Presidential Scholarship will be considered for additional scholarship funds from TU.” This is after Vision, NM or NM Corporate, and FASFA Early Filers!!”

This is great news Mostamom5! It’s contrary to what our AC said but I like what your’s said instead. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Son just received TU Presidential in mail today! We thank God! Essentially we had ALL our eggs in this basket (don’t recommend this strategy!) So glad it’s over!

I did hear of a great book I wish I had my hands on prior to all this entitled "Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be: An Antidote To The College Admissions Mania by Frank Bruni, author & NY Times columnist. I hear he does a great job of putting this “Mania” in perspective.

Wishing you all the best of luck!

FYI for those waiting to hear on the Presidential: Dd received a beautiful, big envelope today letting her know she DID get the Presidential. She’s so excited!!! We’re only 6 hours away so not sure how long it will take for those further away to receive their news. Good luck to all!

Congratulations Collegeboundinia! I guess they better get going on selecting those dorm rooms? Maybe we’ll see you at Preview TU?

My S got his beautiful envelope today!!! We are in KY. I took it to him to open at school – he was beyond elated!

Congrats deborahb to you and your S! Hope to see you at Preview TU in April!

Any suggestion on freshman dorms? Fisher South or Mabee Hall? We are OOS and have not visited. My son did visit on his own, but did not see the dorms. Also, does the Presidential Scholarship housing stipend cover the costs at these dorms?

Any other dorm suggestions? Thanks for any help.

Either would be good, I think. Fisher South is a typical dorm in size but feels newer and cleaner than some I have seen. That is the only one we saw at Tulsa. Yes, I believe the stipend covers both of these.

Thanks, @deborahb. We may have a last minute change in college choice.

What is the typical annual value of the "Vision Scholarship?

Thank you