2015 University of Tulsa Vision Scholarship

Just wanting to connect with parents whose S/D has received the UT Vision Scholarship and waiting to hear about the Presidential. Any one been through this before?

I meant TU: University of Tulsa.

We would also be interested in information!

SpaceCoastMom, if you see something about this on CC, could you please let me know? Were you waiting with us on the other thread about NMF?

Should hear by April 1st. The TU rep is coming to our school March 28th. I’m hoping we might hear something from her then.

Thanks. Good luck, you guys!

We are waiting here as well. Does anyone know if they do NOT get the Presidential and are National Merit Finalist, is the Vision scholarship what they should expect? She already received notice that she was awarded the Vision and she is a National Merit Finalist but still waiting to hear about the Presidential. We’re just trying to plan things financially to know if she doesn’t get the Presidential, how likely is it that we’ll be able to afford TU. Thanks ahead of time if you have any info! Good luck to everyone!

In addition to the Vision, there is NMF scholarship $ each year and a one-time NMF amount (guess allowing a student to become a National Merit Scholar). You may want to check with your local rep as to the amount (I don’t know if this amount varies).

There is also $1000 a year for filing the FAFSA. There may be other scholarships available. Tulsa seems to go out of their way if they want a student.

Yes, we have the $2000/year for being a part of the honors program, $1000/year for FAFSA, $5500 from OK for NMF and the Vision scholarship. That still doesn’t cover tuition so I was just hoping that if you applied for the Presidential and didn’t get it that there might be something a bit more. But we’ll just sit tight and wait and see. Thanks!

There is also a $750 one time NMF scholarship if you name Tulsa as first choice. Music scholarships too, but you have to audition.

Does anyone know the benefits of going through the TU Honors College vs. not going? The extra $2,000 scholarshiop per year is a definite plus, for sure.

My S has received notice of the vision scholarship and is waiting to hear about the Presidential. Ready to get this done!

Anybody get a packet in the mail today from Tulsa? My S did. It says here is your personalized award - or something like that. Of course he is at track practice, and by the time he gets home, I will be gone to church! Can anybody help?

Ds also received her packet in the mail today. It was just an update of what we already knew: Vision, NMF $5500, Honors $2000, early FAFSA filing $1000. All good information but she had already been notified of the Vision Scholarship so it wasn’t any new information at this time. We are still waiting to hear about the Presidential scholarship but that won’t be for another couple of weeks at least. Good luck to all!

We heard back from our AC and if a student does NOT get selected for the Presidential Scholarship, then what is in their personal award letter is what they can expect to receive from Tulsa. So if you have the Vision Award now and are not selected for the Presidential, then the Vision award is what you have received from Tulsa. It’s good to have this information so students can be making plan back-up plans. :slight_smile:

So, there’s no chance that they might offer something else a bit later?

Quoting from the admission counselor: “Yes, the award letter is what you can anticipate if you do not receive the Presidential Scholarship.” So it doesn’t sound like there is anything between the Vision Scholarship (with everything added in still doesn’t cover tuition) and the Presidential (full-ride). So we’ll just wait and see!

Just heard very encouraging words from TU Rep: “All students who applied for but aren’t awarded the Presidential Scholarship will be considered for additional scholarship funds from TU.” This is after Vision, NM or NM Corporate, and FASFA Early Filers!!

I forgot to add NM College Scholarship to my list. If NM Corporate scholarship is higher than NM College, scholarship you get the higher one. Just to clarify: there’s NM Finalist, NM College and/or NM Corporate. Then still the possibility of getting more, after all that!

Oops - thats or NM Corporate (not and/or)