2016 and beyond wedding moms and dads (Part 2)

Congrats, safe teavels, enjoy!

Good luck @Mom22039 - enjoy!

Hope it all goes well!

While I think the typical (non-edible) wedding favors are unnecessary, I must say that yours sound delicious!

At my daughter’s wedding, the favor was a box of 2 small pieces of Mackinac Island fudge placed above the dinner plate. We’re from Michigan. There were zero left.

I’m into edible favors.


A bride we know was in a car accident (with wrong way under the influence drug and alcohol driver) and needed lower leg bone surgery. She was in a walking hard foot to knee boot but was happy wedding for all. That accident could have had worse outcome.


My friend is married to the fudge man!


Ooooooohhhhhhhh!!! I do love Mackinac Island fudge. I might have trouble staying healthy if I were married to the fudge man.

The 100-yr old topper sounds wonderful! What a great item to have! Enjoy the weekend

Hi all,

We’re back. It was a success! I’m still in awe of so many details and a few stories I won’t tell. (Ok, maybe).

I’m looking forward to the pictures to see if they match my memories.

The priest was great. Our guests were delightful. The hotel worked through some kinks.

Awkward details: The airlines canceled 9 of our guests on Friday. One more guest dropped as a dating couple broke up. We understood these. There were 8 missing guests (no-shows) on Saturday. The no-shows were local and members of the groom’s extended family. We understood these less. We had paid for those 18 meals and bar packages…. Gulp. We found a way to serve platters of risotto (family style) to several tables to “use up” the food funds from the first 10 cancellations. The no-show food was boxed up taken to a few homeless people nearby late in the evening. (The valets helped).

We were in Cincinnati, where there were two major shootings in the entertainment districts on Saturday night. (Total of 11 people shot). We were very glad we had arranged for late-night food in the hotel bar, where our guests stayed and closed the bar. Most non-local guests (and a few of the locals) stayed in the hotel where the reception was hosted.

Our extra planning worked. We served refreshments in a room near the hotel bar between the wedding and reception. Guests had 1.5 hours to enjoy beverages (iced tea, lemonade) and light snacks before the reception. The hotel made money in the bar and everyone was happy. Late night: guests also had the opportunity to return to the same space for flatbread pizzas and leftover wedding cake. And, this kept them in the hotel, together!

I’ll be thinking of more details in the days ahead and will look for pictures I can share.



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Sounds like a wonderful event.

Extended family - no show. Those sting because sometimes those family members would be ‘upset’ if not invited, but then have no conscience when someone has to pay for dinners they didn’t bother to show up for, and they didn’t bother to give notice of not being able to come after RSVP yes.

When you first mentioned ‘shootings in the entertainment district’ I first thought film shootings…my mind definitely was on party/entertainment and not the violence.

We met with DH’s adult first cousin and his wife recently (they are retired and were traveling through with their camper) - DH hasn’t seen this cousin since he was a teenager; this cousin was an adult living with parents when we were married in 1979, and he was out of college - his parents and their family were invited to our nearby wedding (30 miles away from where they lived) - his parents never even showed him the wedding invitation nor gave him a chance to RSVP and go. He was rather shocked all these years later. We had no reply from his parents (this was DH’s mother’s brother). DH’s father’s brother/family didn’t RSVP, didn’t come to the wedding, but came to the dinner reception right as we were sitting down to eat - including not only their children, but the oldest daughter’s fiancé (they wanted to ‘check out’ the wedding ‘details’) - of course they found places to sit and eat as well. So our gift from their family was a card with $20 cash. One cousin ‘bragged’ to me that they got the small hanging shelf that they gave us as a wedding present ‘for free’ - I actually still have that piece in use in our guest bedroom. These people are not poor. It ranges from ‘no manners’ to ‘no sensitivity’ to ‘not caring’ to ‘fill in the blank’.