2016 and beyond wedding moms and dads (Part 2)

My daughter went to a wedding over the weekend. It was a reschedule from last year. The bride and groom are medical professionals who have been vaccinated since early in the year.

The invitations said that they only wanted fully vaccinated guests to attend in person so that everyone could fully enjoy the festivities without worry. If you were not vaccinated then you were invited to view the wedding on zoom.

My daughter had to fib to the vaccine center (only by a week) so that she could be fully vaccinated by the wedding date. She said it was so nice to be able to enjoy a party without worry.


My son’s small (20 guests) wedding was very nice. It was at outdoor venue. Everyone in attendance were fully vaccinated or had Covid in the past so we were not wearing masks. They didn’t have wedding planner or coordinator so we all had to do a lot of legwork but wedding was a total success and very low budget. The biggest expense was photographer and videographer. I got my my dress at https://www.ever-pretty.com for under $50 and it was absolutely lovely and I got a lot of compliments. Everyone in attendance enjoyed it.


Pictures of what??

On the photos you’d like to share are pictures of the church and reception

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I am wearing my dress from the cancelled March wedding to ds1’s May graduation. YEA! Have to find a new dress for the November ceremony.


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