2016 Applicants: How are you?

Man, I really want to go to Deep Springs (probably why I am making this thread super early). I think I have seen/read almost everything on the Internet about them – and there is not that much compared to other schools, sadly. I am currently a Junior (14-15) waiting for summer to begin so I can do things that I want to do.

How are you guys? Any tips from people who are in DS or alumni?

I am eagerly waiting for the application, I was told it would be out around July!

Yeah! I’m hyped as well, especially for those mad essays to drop. Junior here too! B-)

do you guys know when calls could come

Not sure. I would like to know as well. Does anyone know if they send an email in addition to the phone call?

i called today, i was told tomorrow friday or early next week

I got my decision this morning: denied. I had a few Bs on my transcript that I think may have killed me.

Ugh… I hope I can get in. @chalupaking what was your SAT or ACT score? Also cheer up! There will be one college that will love you! :slight_smile:

@SimplyCho I had a score of 2310 (800 Math, 750 Critical Reading, 760 Writing)

Has anyone else not received a decision yet?

Me! I did not received a decision yet. But I probably got rejected. :frowning:

I think I might call them Monday, pretty weird it’s so late and different for everyone you know?

Hit me up if you get the information. If I don’t get it by December 31st I will call them.

@Bagheera Did you get any information from Deep Springs? I saw other post and I think those who are rejected does not receive an email. :frowning: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/deep-springs-college/1433865-rejected.html#latest Check this thread.

Called them today, apparently they “forgot” to email me my rejection -_- oh well. More annoyed about the whole unprofessional way of not caring about those not let in than anything else… Looks like I’m headed ED2 to Pomona

Hello All,

I went and visited DS a little less than a month ago. I was wondering if anyone knows when we get the call to see if we are admitted to the college?