2018 Admissions

Applied ED. Anyone already hear back?

My son received ED good news Thursday night

was s an athlete or have any legacy? @Moonshot99

@unicorn2468 my daughter was admitted ED a few weeks ago. Athlete

@unicorn2468 my son is neither an athlete nor a legacy. He is super-keyed to go to be going to Rhodes.

My daughter her ED acceptance Thursday. She is beyond excited to be going!

Were the notifications sent via email or snail mail?

My daughter got an email today that said there will be an email coming to tell applicants to check the portal for a decision.

@katespeare Did she apply early action or early decision? And did the email say when? I’m really eager to find out, sorry.

She applied EA. The email said Jan 15, but I have heard through another source that it could be as early as Jan 13.

has anyone gotten any more news?

I’m guessing it is tomorrow since colleges tend to release on Fridays. Also Monday is a holiday.

That’s true but since the decisions are released online, (my regional admissions officer informed me recently that emails would be sent out telling students to check the portal) I would think that it wouldn’t be difficult to release on a non-holiday. Still, hoping for earlier release than late.

Decisions are out.

My D18 accepted with a Presidential scholarship and a music scholarship.

Congrats katespeare! My D accepted with Presidential and chance to compete for several other scholarships in a video essay process (not sure yet what that process is/means). ACT 33 (34 superscored if schools round up), 3.9+ uw gpa, music and sports ECs.

I am really excited about learning more about Rhodes. My D leans strongly LAC, urban, and in a different geographic region than where we live, so as an upper midwestern family, a great LAC in the urban mid-South is a neat possibility.

Received the presidential scholarship as well as the opportunity to compete for others. Two of my friends who are quite achieved were deferred saying they didn’t show enough interest. I didn’t tour the school either except when I went there for a Model UN conference.

My D was admitted with presidential scholarship and invitation to compete for others. Now she’s worrying about the “video essays”. I think that sounds like a much less stressful option than a mandatory competition weekend in Memphis though! We’re very excited about Rhodes - such a beautiful school.

Congrats pastpower on your admittance and award and congrats emmycat on your D’s admittance and award! It is tough for our D to think right now about the video essays and competition weekend given the end of application season was kind of a hoped for beacon for the end of application stress, but given this is our first time through the whole process we just didn’t know any better about what to expect in terms of ongoing efforts.

We are excited about Rhodes too, and have some homework to do to learn more about it. CC does not seem like very fertile ground over the years for discussion of Rhodes unfortunately. I am hoping the thread just recently started about social life at Rhodes draws some replies and maybe will post some questions we have to see if any Rhodes students or parents might be lurking.

Again, congrats!!

New to site. S admitted with the 25k scholarship. 34 Act, ~ 3.8 uw, ap scholar with distinction, lots of good EC and leadership. We’re originally from east coast, don’t want to say where now so as not to identify. Very excited to visit, weren’t able to before. Love the community service focus and honor code. Hope he likes it!