2018 Cameras Scholarship Notification

My daughter just found out a few days ago that she is a Camras Scholarship recipient. She really enjoyed her visit to the campus earlier this month and right now it is her top choice. One thing my husband noticed is a high percentage of female engineering students enrolled. Does anyone have the specific statistics on this? My d will be studying ME. Thank you.

The female enrollment at Illinois Tech is approximately 31% This is pretty typical for all majors except perhaps for Computer Science. The Camras program has done a lot to increase the number of women in the undergraduate student body. I think ME is pretty much right at the average.

Sorry about the delay in responding. I have been at conferences over the past few weeks.


Our current overall female enrollment for undergraduate students is 35%, which is the ratio that you will find within the mechanical engineering department.

Let us know if you have any other questions!
Illinois Tech Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Good to know! Thank you!