2018 Fall Freshman Acceptance

My son received his letter this weekend 1/13/18. He applied on 10/30.

My son was accepted a few days ago. Liberal Arts Hutchins.

Hi! Could you please list your Son(s) details GPA/SAT/instate or local . My Daughter has 3.5 GPA / 1180 SAT/Socal resident

Liberal Arts Hutchins.too

My son has a 3.24 GPA, 1180 SAT, NorCal. He was also accepted at SFSU on 12/22/17. If accepted at SJSU he wil most likely attend there so that he can stay at home and not take out any student loans. His brother is at SJSU in the Aerospace Engineer program and will hopefully finish in 2019.

Thankyou ajn2000,

I’ll post my Daughter’s (acceptance/decline) @ SJSU once received too. My Daughter also received SFSU acceptance on 12/21 as well and CSUSM (we are considered local @ CSUSM) on 11/17 too. Sitll waiting on CSUF (considered local) ,CCP, CSULB, and SDSU (a reach school)

and still waiting on Sonoma update

Daughter accepted today 1/30 to Hutchins School (Liberal Arts)
3.52 GPA
1180 SAT

  • submitted 10/30
    not local / so cal

Link to all Cal States acceptance #'s listed by school (below)
including SJSU anj2000

Son Accepted Pre-Business 2/1
3.57 GPA
1330 SAT
California Resident

D accepted to Hutchins - Liberal Arts!

My Daughter is also accepted to Hutchins, Liberal Arts (pre teaching credential)
We toured the school, and its really nice (Dorms are nice too) We are from San Clemente / So-Cal .She is still waiting on Long Beach / Fullerton responses as her top picks, but Sonoma is #3

Accepted! Got no email, but checked portal.
Major: English
GPA: 3.45
ACT: 30
Instate, not local

@Calstates Congrats to your daughter!!! We are from Ventura County. I’m hoping that D will give SSU full consideration. Right now, her top two are CPP and CSUN. Still waiting to hear from CSULB and SDSU.

Are you putting in for housing now?


My Daughter is already accepted to

CPP on 2/2 -We checked out and like that Campus (Dorm situation wasn’t great though) and lower floors have lots of water damage and the heat brings out that smell, so if your daughter chooses CPP, I would try to get a Dorm reserved asap and request a high floor to avoid that!

CSUSM (Nov) -School & Dorms are new and really nice

Sonoma (JAN)- already mentioned

We are waiting to hear on CSUF or CSULB (her top 2) to put a Deposit on either as soon as she receives good news. If neither , I already accepted on CSUSM (her #4) as backup, but I have not on Sonoma, as its $700 as I understand. We are considered local @ Fullerton so I expect her to get offered acceptance soon.If not, I’ll probably be putting that deposit down on Sonoma (her #3) so she is safe on the Dorm side.

@Calstates Thanks! So we could apply for housing without putting the deposit (holding off until a final decision is made) just to reserve a dorm? Sorry all the questions!?!


I’ve only seen ability to secure a room @ CPP (as below) in cal poly pamona threead-

I called Housing yesterday and they said that they were aware of a glitch with the application for incoming Freshmen. I tried it this morning (about 5:30 am so little user traffic) and it worked fine. I was also able to indicate that I would pay the $450 deposit at a later time. The application was submitted and I received a confirmation email. Do you see a downside to agreeing to pay the deposit later (e.g, after my son decides 100% if he is going to CPP)?

EDIT - I received this email from CPP Housing:
"We have approved your request for deferment of the $450 initial payment from your account.

If you receive a housing assignment, your $450 initial payment will be included with your Fall Rent charges."

Note my son won’t qualify for financial aid and I did NOT indicate any type of hardship. I just asked for the payment deferral and it was instantly granted. I can’t see why someone would pay the $450 now and go through the trouble of getting a refund…

D accepted today!
Major: Animal science/pre-vet
GPA: 4.05
SAT: 1220
EI 4460
In state, not local (nor Cal)

my daughter was accepted 1/20 to Hutchins, Liberal Arts
3.5 GPA
1250 SAT
Ca / not local

Son “conditional admission” into electrical engineering.
1470 SAT, 4.0UW, non-local in state.
This seems like a beautiful school. Good luck everyone.

computer science
uw: 3.64
csu w: 3.9
act: 28 (30 superscore)
in state, not local