2018 Regular Applicants

<p>Hi! IS anyone applying to Bard???</p>

<p>Me! I applied Early Action, should hopefully hear back in the next couple of weeks</p>

<p>cool! what are you majoring in?</p>

<p>D is RD neurosci. Good luck, flinthills.</p>

<p>Hey! I am considering Bard for RD :slight_smile: I am an international from Nepal!</p>

<p>Cool! What are everyone’s majors?</p>

<p>I applied RD for Theatre :)</p>

<p>what are your plans, strongheart?</p>

<p>English art and philosophy!</p>

<p>The English have art? You don’t mean those pictures of pretty seascapes they’re so proud of at the Tate, do you? Just kidding. I actually love those seascapes.</p>

<p>Those are three good subjects to take up at Bard. So is the Theatre, Devonte. I’ve done them all, but if I could do it all again (and who says I can’t) I’d do neuroscience. As it is right now, I’ll have to wait for my daughter to finish her degree before I can go back to school ;+)</p>

<p>Do you get the letter from admissions acknowledging that they have your application and documents? Do they give you the link to check your application status?</p>

<p>photoMother, when I applied Early Action I received an email from Bard saying they got my application and ‘Thanks for applying’</p>

<p>Although, I’m not aware of anyway to check your status online.</p>

<p>Any idea when the Regular Decision results are coming out? </p>

<p>Nope. ‘April 1st,’ as per the school’s website, seems rather vague.</p>

<p>I’ve heard around CC that we will be hearing tomorrow. Nothing concrete, though.</p>

<p>Wait! I just checked out the Bard College Facebook page. On their most recent post, Bard has replied to a comment saying “Yes! Decisions will be sent this week. Keep an eye on the mail (or email for international students).” There is our answer!</p>

<p>“This week”. Argh! </p>

<p>Bard decision letters are arriving in mailboxes today.</p>

<p>@MiddKid86 How do you figure? </p>

<p>Nothing in today’s mail for me in southern Westchester County (NY).</p>



<p>I have visual confirmation of a Bard decision letter in a mailbox today, three states away from New York. The postmark was March 24.</p>