2018 TN Governor's School of Sciences and Engineering

For anyone that has been accepted into this school, could anyone share his/her essays? I’ve been looking for example essays and could not find any. I would really appreciate it if someone did post! :smiley:

Actually, should the essay be similar to a college personality essay or more of a direct statement?

i think so too it’s too vague and you can watch movies and tvshow at my site


Well, I’ve already turned in my essays! Thanks to anyone that even took a look at my question!

Hey I applied too! I was an alternate last year but new stuff for my app. Decisions come out in Feb! Good luck to you too

I think the date the acceptances come out is February 5. Good luck to everyone who has applied :slight_smile:

The emails came out today! I got in! What about you all?!

I got in! Though, I may not be able to attend… Congratulations hayisforhorse!

@hayisforhorse So, what field are you planning on going in to? I know mine is in biology.

I didn’t apply for Biology, but I did apply for a Governor’s School in TN. Sadly, I was chosen as an alternate. Is it bad that I wish someone can’t go, so I can?

@Biotype No way! I picked biology too! Hope we can get to know each other this summer! Congrats!

@EnvyVanScarlet Not at all! I got alternate to two schools last year and I hoped for the same. Everything happens for a reason though. If you are interested in STEM and are close to Knoxville, there is an engineering research program called CURENT that I did last summer. Great for college apps

@hayisforhorse thank you for you kind words.

@hayisforhorse That’s cool! Same here! And thank you! Let’s be Bio Geeks together!

@EnvyVanScarlet Of course that feeling isn’t bad! I’m sure everybody would feel the same way in your place. I know I would. :smiley:

@Biotype it is killing me every day waiting for them to email me! Do you know the timeline for all this stuff?

@hayisforhorse I know it’s been a long time since acceptance letters, but I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend the Governor’s School this summer with you. I had other programs I applied to and a competition that I may or may not be invited to. It’s too bad that I won’t be able to know you in person, but I hope you have fun!!! :slight_smile:

For everyone that applies, has you heard anything else from them?

Yes @EnvyVanScarlet I got information about my afternoon class (Bio) and forms that need to be printed and scanned

@hayisforhorse, if you don’t mind. May I ask when?