***2019-20 Medical School Applicants and Their Parents***






Younger D will be applying.

@texaspg -GL to your younger D.

The new MSAR is out. It has some new interactive features–you can input your stats (GPA/MCAT) and find out where you fall percentile-wise compared to last cycle’s applicants/matriculants. Also shows the stats differential between in-state vs OOS accepted students.

Stats creep is real.

Median MCAT scores for 2017-18 matriculated students–

522 - NYU, Yale, WashU
521 - Chicago, Hopkins, Penn, Vandy
520 - Columbia, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, Mayo
519 - Sinai, UVA, Cornell
518 - Case, Michigan, Boston, UCSF, UCLA, Duke

522 is the 99th percentile nationally
517 is 90the percentile nationally

And just for giggles–

Univ of South Florida (Morsani) has median MCAT of 517.
SUNY-Stonybrook and Western Michigan both had median MCATs of 516.

Will be curious if NYU’s median MCAT will jump up in 2 years for 2019 matriculated students—it will be the first class to be accepted under the free tuition policy.

BTW, I just completed a successful application cycle (interviewed and accepted/WL’d to multiple T20 schools), and would be happy to answer any questions or give my personal insight on applying via PM for any applicants/parents of applicants of this cycle.

WashU and Vandy were always looking for high stats and so they don’t surprise me (used to be close to 37 or 38 under the old system). Vandy gives out a bunch of 3/4th tuition scholarships to get them.

Penn also likes high scores but they also expect high GPAs.

I do find it mindboggling that 50% of the people would have scored higher than 522.

Texas app opens in 10 days.

Curious as to how to begin making a list of schools to apply to. DS will probably be taking his MCAT summer 2020 and between then and now I would love to help research places for him to apply but I feel like we are going in blind until he gets his MCAT score.


Yep, pretty much impossible to develop an application list without a MCAT.

Spend $30 and buy full access to MSAR. The best place to start.

@threebeans Want to make sure it is not a typo. If your DS is taking MCAT in summer 2020 means, he is not applying for this year cycle 2019-20 and that is what this thread is.

If your question is generic that is fine. Either you can pay $30 now and do a research. Or when he is ready to apply next summer, need to pay to get an account in AMCAS and will have access to the MSAR with paid subscription data.

Start with all your state public and private schools (Will pity, if you are CA resident unless top notch balanced app).
Based on your application profile, need to think accordingly. For example, if got super high MCAT and/or GPA, there are few schools who shows interest to call for interview even if other aspects are not that strong.
If other aspects are super strong, there are schools which give more importance since that may weigh with their mission (especially few private religious oriented). Some time, apply just for fun (if you don’t mind spending the fees).
Agree it is hard and need to take some risks and some time with no rationale, why or why not choosing a school.

That turned out to be a blessing in disguise in my D’s case in the current cycle.

Agreed with what GoldenRock suggested - always start with your in-state schools. If your DS gets super-high MCAT/GPA (520+, 3.9+) with strong research, throw in the top schools.

Applications for AMCAS and TMDSAS open tomorrow.
AACOM - on May 2nd.

Round 2 for D2. Applied 2017-18, waitlisted at 2 schools, did not get in. It was heartbreaking and demoralizing, especially since her big sister was already in med school (she is starting M4 tomorrow, so I will have one applying to med school and one applying to residency this next cycle. HELP ME). My daughter spent her first gap year interviewing, doing amazing research, and decided to do a MMS (Master in Medical Science, which is at a medical school she would like to go to, and is basically the first year of med school course work) to try and improve her chances. She has done very well, and is the top student in her program. She is re-taking the MCAT in June (her score was “ok” last time, looking for just a few 1 more point (more if possible) to get her some guaranteed interview at a few preferred schools. I’m so proud of her… she has not given up on her dream of being a doctor! I’m joining today trepidatiously, because it was very painful when she didn’t get in last time. I hope my daughter’s story will help others to understand nothing is for certain, because she had “the stats” to get in, and it didn’t work out that way. So many bright and wonderful kids on this journey, and I’m going to head in with you… again!

@moonpie Good luck to your D. I remember talking with you last year.

Anchor down!

Thanks, @srk2017 !!! To your son as well!!!

@moonpie - My son is rising junior only.

@moonpie Best wishes! It sounds like she’s doing everything she can and being top of her current program can’t hurt.

AMCAS has started verifying applications.

If AMCAS has already received an applicant’s transcript, the turn-around time is less than 5 hours as of today.

If I get accepted how in the world will I be able to afford to buy house to attend medical school or hotel to stay for 4 years of medical school this is really unrealistic and out of my income reach.

You don’t need to buy a house or stay in hotel to go to medschool. You do what many, or most med school students do. You live frugally with roommates. Being poor doesn’t end with medschool, you will make very little money for years in residency and will be paying back your loans. If you want to make money right away, skip becoming a Dr. and become a plumber. Seriously.