****2019 CSU Fullerton Nursing Trad. BSN (Entry-Level Freshmen) Admission ****discussion, results

@Nursing344 @Zero00 @EngTchrMom @Kiki2019 @normanfeng Did any of you hear from CSU Fullerton nursing?

Nothing yet. I’m assuming they’ve sent out acceptances to top 30 or so and are awaiting responses. I wonder how long they have to accept the offer before admissions removes them from consideration…

I haven’t heard yet either. Hopefully they notify us soon! My stats are: 1520 SAT, 4.0 UW GPA, 7 APs

I wonder how this is going to work out.
Apparently they’re going to accept about 30 people off of the nursing waitlist, but there’s no guarantee that said people would even attend CSUF for nursing because they may want to go to another school. Besides, the waitlist offer came for CSUF came out before several results even came out (especially for other California schools like UCs and CSUs), so I’m sure tons of people accepted the waitlist offer.
Anyways, I wish good luck to everyone! :slight_smile: I hope the results come out soon. Everyone here has amazing stats.

@Walnutmom No, I haven’t heard anything yet. I applied to the CSUF President’s Scholars program and a freshman who is part of the Nursing program told me that she actually found out the results of the scholarship before she found out whether she got in for Nursing. I believe we’ll start hearing about Nursing admissions in mid-April based on her experience.

acceptance to nursing! :slight_smile:

oops forgot to say acceptance to nursing with distinction :slight_smile:

D is admitted with distinction ?

Found out through the portal under application status, no email yet or details.

Good luck everyone. They picked 100 to admit to CSUF nursing

100?? i wonder what happened to the 30ish figure they quoted before

@Nursing344 have your student check the email letter for the 100 admitted, 40 spots

Admitted with distinction! Just payed the $250 deposit and accepted the admissions offer.

haven’t seen an email just the portal

S got admitted with distinction too.
What does that mean? Also paid $250 and got the confirmation letter. How do i know for sure he made it to the first 40 for the direct nursing program though?

Ok so here’s how it worked, just got off the phone with admissions. They sent the email notifications out yesterday afternoon to 100+ on the list and it essentially was a foot race for the first 40 to respond and accept. Itnis already filled so if you waited until this morning like we did you are out of luck.

What a ridiculous way of selecting their freshmen students, and I’ll take it as a sign that Fullerton is not for my daughter if that’s how they run their school.

Good luck and congrats to the speedy 40.

@Walnutmom You paid and got in so you are one of the 40, congrats to you

Hi everyone! does everyone’s nursing student only have 2 orientation days available for them? (those dates being 7/9/19 and 8/9/19)

i just got off the waitlist! still considering between SDSU or CSUF

@ckoh2000 Better check your email as there is no time to decide per @Nursing344