****2019 CSU Fullerton Nursing Trad. BSN (Entry-Level Freshmen) Admission ****discussion, results

The waitlist has begun. From the CSUF website:

Anyone get waitlisted?

I don’t see that on their website. Do you have the link? My DD checked her email and hasn’t gotten anything. Gpa4.3; SAT 1260

@Kiki2019 Here is the link of where I saw it. I am not sure if emails went out or not. Has she checked her portal?


I was waitlisted.
SAT: 1460
GPA: 4.25

Got waitlisted as well. Does anyone know how to accept the waitlist offer?

I was waitlisted as well!
SAT: 1460
R&W: 710
Math: 750

GPA: 4.4
Unweighted: 4.0

I was denied Nursing and offered undeclared.

Eligibility Index:1130

My DD was waitlisted…she is not accepting as she isn’t interested in attending CSU Fullerton. Good luck to you all!

GPA: 4.2
SAT: 1350

D waitlisted

GPA 4.3. UW4.0
SAT 1330

Any idea how many make the waitlist? I imagine applicants are the same ones competing for spots at UCLA and SDSU etc, so Im wondering just how many make the list.

Hi. It said decisions would start coming out mid march. Did anyone get off the nursing waitlist?

I believe waitlist deadline is tomorrow March 25th. Decisions start coming sometime after

Anybody got off of waitlist yet?

Any statistics from past years how many they accept from waitlist, etc?

@Nursing344 Seems like they are addressing the waitlist of all top nursing students very late comparatively. Aren’t most acceptances out by now? Maybe because they take so few? Last year someone was wondering on May 3! Yikes

@Walnutmom they take 25-35 top students off the waitlist. Those students come from the cut from all applications to nursing “nearly 4600” to the top students (last year it was 200) aka the waitlisted students.

Good luck to everyone!

Anyone else notice at the very bottom of the portal there is a new box with my applications and there are three choices
incomplete, complete, and admitted?

Hi @readthetealeaves I’m not applying for to cal state fullerton nursing program, but I am currently waitlisted. I have the same choices displayed below, but for some reason it disappeared when I went on the site so idk what was that all about xD.

@ctran999 I know here as well. The choices appeared and then disappeared so maybe decisions are imminent?

@readthetealeaves I called them yesterday, and the lady told me that they should all be out by April first, but to be aware of the possibility that it might extend to mid April.

Yes. I noticed it too but now it’s gone. My son’s was complete (green dot). Did anybody notice theirs being a green :white_check_mark: mark for accepted?