2019 EA applicants

I know that this particular forum does not get a lot of activity, but I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has applied for and been accepted for the fall of 2019 early action. My son has applied and interested in computer science and also playing the violin, and received a $30,000 alumni scholarship. Illinois Wesleyan is one of several liberal arts colleges he’s applied to, and I’d be interested in knowing where else everyone else has applied, if you visited, and what your general thoughts are on the campus and academic rigor of the programs.

I have one child that is an alumni and I know the town and several of the profs very well. The school itself is nice, well maintained and the food is good. When my child was there, there were some security issues (a music performance major was robbed and beaten (two broken arms and broken ribs) by junior high kids while walking across campus from practice. He crawled across campus and was found on the ground outside of my child’s dorm window. Security is no where to be seen. When my child called security for an escort back to her dorm late at night, all she could get was an answering machine. I’ve been on that campus over a dozen times and have never once seen security. Academically my child wasn’t challenged. Several of the classes mine took were a repeat of high school. She also complained that in order to get an A, she had to dumb down her writing. As an English writing major, that wasn’t good. Their music program is good. I don’t know anything about their computer science program. Wesleyan never used to give very much in scholarships to instate students, but the past couple of years have really been generous especially to local students who they never used to recruit at all. IMO, the generous scholarships is to attract more students yet their numbers have been falling and the tuition increasing every year.

There are several other private schools within an hour of Wesleyan. Bradley in Peoria and Millikin in Decatur. Millikin has one of the top music programs in the state. Their security is very viable and armed ( not wackenhut type either but former state and county police). Both schools charge less in tuition than Wesleyan.

Thanks @GloriaVaughn

How long ago was your student there?

I have heard from others regarding academic rigor. My in-state son is a strong student (35 ACT, dual enrollment with UIUC, all AP etc.). He’s also looking at St. Olaf, accepted at Wooster, Case Western etc.

I’ve also seen size has shrunk. I think it might end up being too small. We’ll see.

@TytoAlba It’s been 9 years since she graduated. Do check out Millikin. It’s small but big on music. At least 25% of the students major in some form of music. Youngest had a 35ACT and went there as instrumental ed major. She got Honors College (no gen eds to deal with), top merit scholarship, Millikin grant, talent scholarship and lived in the Arts Living Learning Community which allowed her to practice her instrument in her room. By the time they were finished tossing money at her, she went for room and board. She loved it there and would go there again if she had to do it over. It is a beautiful, well kept campus. Lots of musical things going on and groups open to anyone, and variety of music majors. Millikin has been growing. With honors college to take two extra classes a semester. Seminars that you pick. While it can put you on overload, as an honor students, you no longer have to pay for the overload (I had to). Mine had 1 AP class so by the end of her freshman year she was 3 credits short of being considered a senior but still far from what she needed to graduate. Honors College also comes with perks including early registration for classes, bumping rights, a private lounge in the Staley library building and faculty check out privileges at the library along with other perks. Go ahead and apply. He’ll be offered honors college and there is an interview weekend in Feb. He would probably be able to schedule his violin audition the same day. You’ll also be able to get a tour of the campus. Your hosts will be honors students and the interview is profs and honors students. The students are always friendly and polite, something I didn’t see on other campuses. The cafeteria is new since she graduated and the new school of theatre and dance is being built where the old cafeteria was.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Another school to look at is Luther in Iowa. A couple of my daughters string friends went there and really liked it.