2019 Fulbright Summer Institute

Hey everyone. I just wanted to reach out to other people applying for a Fulbright summer institute. I have applied to Queen’s University Belfast for Irish Studies. I received an email today about moving to the next phase but was not asked to interview yet. Has anyone received emails yet? What programs are you applying to?

Hey there! I applied to the University of Bristol (arts and social justice), and I haven’t received an email back yet. :frowning:
Congrats on making it to the next round. I’m hoping they just haven’t sent notices for my program yet. Let’s hope for the best!

Good luck! I’m sure it’s based on the program.

I applied for the University of Exeter program (climate change). I received the same email that OP did. I’m really curious about how many people made it to this stage, and how likely it is that we will get an interview.

Yeah I am waiting to see. I don’t know anyone else that applied to a fulbright summer institute so I do not know if anyone received interviews. March will be an interesting month for sure!

Based on the information on the website, it seems like there will be another found of notifications in late March… at that point you’ll find out if you received an interview or that you’re not continuing on. I wish there were more data available about acceptance/interview rates!

Does anyone know if all the programs have heard back yet?

Do they send out emails if you get rejected? I applied for the Glasgow tech/creativity program and still haven’t heard back… not sure if something went wrong with my application or if I didn’t move on. Have all the programs (or people from this specific program) heard back yet?

My daughter heard back from the University of Bristol program. She’s moved on to the next step.

My son also applied to the Glasgow program. He did receive an email indicating that he was moved to the next round. That was on February 26th, but he hasn’t heard anything else since. The next round of notifications should go out within the next week. if you go back on to the Fulbright summer institute website to your application page you can check if your application was submitted. You may also want to check with the people who wrote your recommendations as to whether they received confirmation of their submissions. Good luck. Keep in mind that if you are a freshman, you can apply again next year.

Did anyone hear back from Bristol about moving on to interview stage?

My daughter hasn’t yet. Hoping to hear by the end of next week.

Just got an email - did not make it on to next round. Best wishes to everyone who did!

I applied for Bristol - made it through the first round, but I just received an email that I didn’t make it :frowning: I’m only a freshman, so next year I guess. I was really looking forward to it though.

I’m sorry! I hope you still apply next year! Best of luck! I’m still waiting to hear from Queen’s

waiting on Westminster :frowning:

Waiting on Glasgow\Strathclyde.

For which program did you apply?


collegegirl, to which program did you apply? Thanks!

I applied to University of Exeter