2019 Spring Transfers

Hi guys, does anyone know if Fullerton is accepting 2019 Spring transfers? If so here are my stats:

Major: Cinema and Television arts
GPA: 3.7
AA: Yes, in communications
Location: Non local, San Diego
Pre Reqs: Will be done by Fall
Golden 4: All done with As and one P

I’d love to hear stats from people applying for spring and also from any other Film majors out there!

I know they are accepting applications for all programs at CSUF. I just submitted my application a few days ago, keeping my fingers crossed.

Major: Child & Adolescent Development
Location: Non-local, San Bernardino
Golden 4: A, A, A, B
Applied to: CSUF, CSULB, Cal Poly Pomona

Does anyone know why the GPA at my CC is 3.519 but when I entered my transcript on my application it went down to a 3.46? I am also graduating with an A.S.T. so wouldn’t it have been bumped by one point?

Hey! I submitted a few days ago too! Good luck!

Major: Public Health
GPA: 3.6
Location: Non-local Pasadena
Golden 4: All A’s
Pre Reqs: Completed
Applied to: CSUF and CSULB

I also graduated with two AA’s

Major: Kinesiology
GPA: 3.72
Location: Non-local,Thousand Oaks
Golden 4: All A’s

Anyone have any idea when we hear back? Im guessing in October but not really sure…

I got an email from CSULB that says they will send out admissions decisions the beginning of October so hopefully Fullerton is around the same time

I was accepted here for the fall but things came up and I am taking semester off. Everything completed other than history left

Major: Business, Finance
GPA: 3.47 + boost
Location: Orange County, I think local
Golden 4: B,B,B,B
Pre Reqs: Completed, just History needed for CSU graduation but its not required
Have AS-T.

This is my backup option if I don’t get into CSULB.
Good Luck to everyone!

@RichardBIV …what CC did you earn your AS-T from? I applied to Fullerton under the exact same major as you from Los Angeles Mission College but they didn’t have an AS-T that matched under finance for Fullerton…Fullerton did, however, offer other majors that I wasn’t particularly interested in. In the end, I applied for finance but my AS-T would not be accepted so I’m being evaluated by other criteria.

There’s a thread from last year’s spring transfers

CSUF was accepting as early as September, but I’m pretty sure it as because they’re locals.
I’m beyond scared of getting denied because I really want to go to this school, but I don’t know if I have a good chance since I’m not a local of OC.

Folks, check your portals! Mine shows I just got accepted. They must have updated my portal this morning because it was definitely not there when I checked last night.

Just got the email! Accepted.

Mechanical engineering
Recommended courses done with B’s and A’s
Golden Four done with B, B, B, C
About 100 units outside of major that I did poorly on so GPA was sitting around 2.65

@jtr1331 did you already send in your transcripts

I just got my acceptance email this morning!

BFA Entertainment Art
Golden 4: A, B, B, B
GPA: 3.7ish (or 3.8ish calculated)
Location: Non-local; Sacramento
Transferring with an AA-T Studio Art and AA in Arts and Humanities.

I actually have a lot of AR and W’s on my transcripts because when I first went to college I wasn’t ready. My GPA used to be close to a 2.3 I think? Came back after a couple years break and have gotten nothing but A’s and B’s in my recent semesters, so if anyone is worried about academic history, know it won’t totally ruin your chances!

Yes I sent in my transcripts 2 or 3 weeks ago

Omg I got accepted today! I’m so excited!

Business Administration - concentration in Accounting
Golden 4: A, A, B, B
Location: Non local Riverside County
AA: Done since last Spring

Good luck to everyone else!

Accepted this AM!!

Political Science
Golden 4: A, B, C, A
GPA: 3.02
Location: Orange County
Transferring with AA-T

I am a little older and took a couple semesters off. I have a lot of W’s and even a few F’s but I also have a lot of A’s and B’s so that helped. I fooled around a bit thats why my gpa went low but for the past few semesters I’ve been trying really hard so i’m super excited! This is my backup still waiting to hear from CSULB.

Major: Business Admin
GPA: 3.09/ 3.19 +boost
AA: Yes
Location: Non local
Pre Reqs: Yes
Golden 4: A,C,C,B

I just got accepted today! :smiley:

Just got accepted today as well, congrats to everyone!

Accepted for Business Finance.

@csuu2k18 What emphasize of business did you apply to?