2019 transfer student - Amigo/grants

I was just accepted as a transfer for Spring 2010, and I am wondering how long it generally takes to hear back from the financial aid office about grants and the Amigo scholarship. I’ve logged into LoboWeb and the financial aid tab says it is “waiting on confirmation of acceptance.” I’m wondering if anyone here has been accepted and knows how long this usually takes. I can only go to UNM if I get the Amigo scholarship, and I was accepted to one other school for this upcoming Fall semester, so I’m hoping to find out how much I’ll owe very soon. Someone at the financial aid office just told me to keep checking back.

Also, if anyone has info on additional state/UNM grants that they got, please let me know. I have a 3.6 transfer gpa, out of state independent student, with 0 EFC.

Thanks for any info.

Spring 2019*

@jbw2912 Call the admissions office and ask about your Amigo status. The office can be awfully slowly about posting official status updates.

I just got off the phone with admissions. The man I spoke with told me they wouldn’t generally let me know if I got the Amigo scholarship until October 3, three months from now. My problem is that I dont want to make the commitment of traveling to Albuquerque to visit the school, find an apartment, etc. if I’m not even sure if I can afford the tuition or not. UNM is by far my top choice, but now I am going to have to consider other options because UNM is not working with me to give me this information. Thanks for your help

Now someone else just told me they will have the Amigo decisions in 2 weeks? So I’ll just wait until then.

@jbw2912 Kind of an old thread but did you figure out your fin aid situation? I applied as a transfer for Fall 2019 to UNM and wondering how their fin aid office ended up working with you?