*** 2020-2021 Medical Applicants and Their Parents

I’ll admit I hope they do forgive 10K in student loan debt for each student who has it (not sure how I’d feel about parent loans). There are so many in our school and across PA that such a gift would help. Too many kids are hindered by finances. Sometimes it may be the parent’s fault, but I don’t blame the kids for that any more than I blame them if their parents spend the food money at the bar. If the kid can do better in life, I want them to have a chance to do so. It’s better for us as a society if more kids can move up from the trenches. Welfare costs more.

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I would never support any government loan waivers for anything. Better to work on fix the system than temporary Band-Aids.


Congratulations to your S!!

DS got A from oldest medical school in the country but home school is still his top choice unless he gets merit.

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Congratulations @srk2017. Your son has had a great admission cycle with 3 top 10 admissions unless I missed some!


3 so far, he had 6 top 10 interviews (didn’t apply to Mayo), 3 Acceptances, one R and one WL and waiting to hear from one more.


Congratulations to you S! He has some excellent schools to choose from :slight_smile:

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DS is done with application cycle. He will be attending UPenn with scholarship. In the end, he did 11 interviews, got 5 acceptances, 4 Waitlist and 2Rs. He got 3 out of 5 he targeted and satisfied with the results and not pursuing waitlist. Thanks for all the senior parents who gave all the advice and support during the journey. Now I need to move to Residency threads :grinning:


Congratulations to SRK’s family! It is a tough journey.