*** 2020-2021 Medical Applicants and Their Parents







Thanks for starting this thread. DS had his MCAT scheduled for next month and thats been cancelled. Seriously wondering how this cycle will be different from other cycles. I was hoping it would be our first and only time helping him navigate this.

Thanks for starting this thread. DS is ready to apply. MCAT is done, PS and school list is ready. Trying to get all LORs for committee letter. He is hoping to finish research and submit paper soon. Hopefully things will be semi-normal by fall.

@threebeans - As per my MCAT, my guess is they will probably start offering in July with social distancing norms and lot of dates between July-Sept. GL to your DS.

Good luck @srk2017 and @threebeans

Yes, thank you for starting this thread! My daughter will be applying this cycle. MCAT is done and she has sent all of her info into her health professional advisor and committee. Also waiting on LORs from 2 professors. Starting to research schools.

Good luck @threebeans and @srk2017!!

Thanks and same to you!. If you are comfortable share stats range and ECs and schools considering. Ms S is a high stats kid from Vandy with good ECs. He is applying to CA schools and few T20 schools.

@srk2017 Sure, my daughter is a current junior at the University of Maryland majoring in bioengineering in one of their honors colleges. Her GPA is 3.82, sGPA 3.79, and MCAT 518 (one sitting). She has had 3 different research interships, one at George Washington University for 2 summers doing cardiac cell research, another at the University of Maryland during her sophmore year doing stem cell research, and the third one at the University of Maryland Medical School last summer with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon researching various methods of surgery for elbow injuries in kids. She has over 100 shadowing hours with various primary care doctors (pediatrics, OG/GYN, and family practice MD), many ECs that show leadership/working with lower income communities (various clubs at UMD, sorry I don’t know the names of them) and 100s of hours with patient care and volunteering in the health care setting near campus at a Womens and Childrens Clinic. She is applying to UMD, and is still researching which other 10-15 schools she should apply to. Unfortunately, Maryland doesn’t have many in states school to choose from. Hopkins would be a HUGE reach and even UMD is difficult to get into so will see where else she decides. She would love to stay on the east coast, but would be happy to get in anywhere :slight_smile:

Funny side note, my daughter almost went to Vandy. She had narrowed it down to Vandy or Hopkins, but then UMD offered her a full ride so she took it.

She is a well rounded applicant and should have successful cycle. You have lot schools in East. Do MD residents get some preference in VA? UVA is a good school and i heard shows lot of love to Vandy :smile:

Hard to pass up full-ride/full-tuition. My S gave up Penn and Hopkins (BME) for Vandy due to CV scholarship.

@UMD2021&2023 welcome to the forum.

We had a well known participant here with ID plumazul here a few years ago who joined MD/PhD program after graduating from UMD. She did really well during her undergrad.

@srk2017 Thank you for your kind words! It’s sounds like your son is also very well rounded and should have a successful cycle. It is so nice to have others who are going through this cycle since it seems like this cycle will be anything but normal! I don’t think VA schools give any preference to MD students (at least at the undergrad level they don’t), but it 's definitely something we will look into. Is your son from CA? What year is he at Vandy?

@texaspg Thanks so much for putting this thread together and for the above information!!

Yes we are from CA and he is a junior at Vandy. My son was supposed to start research with a Pediatric Ortho but his current research got extended. I am not sure if he can find time in senior year to do it. He is strongly interested in Ortho.

As I have been hearing from many we can’t assume anything with medical school admissions but hoping for a successful cycle. I will be posting updates here. I didn’t see many participants 2019-2020 cycle.

I am wondering something as a parent - and pardon me but this is purely out of curiosity and ignorance … how much time (hours for example) does it take to prepare your med school application? Ballpark?

@threebeans Good question! I’m curious about the answer too.

I know at UMD my daughter had to fill out a full application (which was basically the AMCAS application) by mid March. This application went to the Health Professional Advising Office at her school. They then reviewed her application and let her know what her weaknesses were and what needed improvement. She will basically be able to fill out her AMCAS application from this. It took her several weeks to finish the application for her school, but she only worked on it for a few hours at a time.

@threebeans It takes a lot of effort to get a good application filled out. The most important pieces are the personal statement and the 3 expanded activities (you are allowed to expand 3 activities as most meaningful and add 1200(?) more characters).

Identifying good activities to include is the important part. Condensing the experience related to each down to 700 characters is a big constraint.

AMCAS is delaying application transmission to schools until July 10.


One general question about entering dual credits or other University credits taken during HS in AMCAS. If university A has given credits during high school and University B (UG) agreed to transfer some of those credits on its own transcript(University B with equivalent course numbers), how this should be entered so as not to put duplicate information. This is not about AP credits.
You can also explain how to enter AP credits.

Was this required to get a committee letter of recommendation from Health Professional Office ?


Here are the details.

  1. Dual Enrollment (DE) or Courses done in Community College (CC) or 4 year University during HS (before starting the 1st semester in UG) Though UG college may have accepted the course and would have given that UG college course number and equivalent grade, in AMCAS you will be listing the course, and grade from the original college (since you need to submit the transcript from the DE, CC, 4-yr U). You will not be entering current UG school course number or grade. You are not duplicating those courses. All these will be entered in year HS but with the actual year. Example: 4-yr U had A- but the current UG school has accepted but they have only A,B,C grades. In AMCAS it will be reported to the 4-yr U course with A-.
  2. AP and CLEP etc: Here the UG college accepted course number and grade will be there. But UG college grade will be S. All will be captured as FR (Freshman).
  3. AMCAS will have its own 2 columns, hours and grade. Here for AP/CLEP hours will be blank and hence these course are not used when calculating the GPA.
  4. Years are HS, FR, SO, JR, SR. If some one does UG in 3 years JR will not be listed and all junior year courses will be listed as SR.

Vandy pre-health advisor also has same requirements (PS, activities descriptions, school list and LOR list) to get committee letter. They also provide good advice on everything. That’s one reason Vandy students with 3.8+ GPA has 98% success rate.

@grtd2010 Yes, it is. Once they review your packet, they will also set up several mock interviews for each student. They also advise the students on which might be the best schools for them to apply to.