*** 2021-2022 Medical School Applicants and Their Parents ***

This thread is for the current year MD, DO and other applicants and their parents to discuss various schools, application timelines, processes, and seek support as needed. Past threads are listed so people can review some of the questions already asked and answered.

@texaspg i think it would be helpful if you could put a brief explanation of what all this is.

Adding a post to make it easier for me to follow. Best wishes to all applying!

Updated with some background. Hopefully that is enough.


My child submitted applications last week. Following this thread!


I was wondering if this is the first year no one from CC is involved.

Good luck!

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Team CC rooting for y’all! My guy is “done” now and on the “other side,” but I still enjoy being a cheerleader.


I’ve really struggled with the new forum format, but I’ll be here reading and cheering along now that mine is done applying. Good luck to all the applicants.


please post questions useful to this year applicants in this thread and not older threads.