2020 Emmys

Clearly we have other tv/movie threads on CC right now, but I thought the Emmys could potentially stir some conversation on it’s own.

Nominations came out today: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/28/arts/television/emmy-nominees-list.html


As is the norm now, many (most?) nominations come from streaming shows. I see some of the series I’ve watched noted in nominations.

I’m really happy to see Mrs. America represented in quite a few categories. Highly recommend.

Looking at the list, is there a show you might move to the top of your “watch” list now that it is getting Emmy attention?

Discuss this or other thoughts about nominations. :slight_smile:

Succession and Ozark are two of my favorite shows. I love Rachel Brosnahan, Jason Bateman, and Jeremy Strong. I haven’t seen I Know This Much is True yet, but imagine Mark Ruffalo was great in those roles.

Brad Pitt as Dr. Fauci!! Haha love it!

Succession and Ozark, they are top of our watch list the past year. With praise and recognition I saw one glaring omission. Justin Hartley had an amazing season on This Is Us, no nomination?!

Happy to see all of the Schitts Creek noms! Love that show and they did a fabulous job of ending up the series this season.

^^ I just started watching Schitts last night. I hope I can somehow get it done by the Emmys!

@abasket We started Schitt’s Creek last summer and since the shows are a half hour we would watch one or two a night. Well worth it, especially season 2 on, you’ll love the cast! And what a time for laughs.

Another actor left off the list! My son and I were disappointed no nom for Tom Pelphrey on Ozark. He made an impact, I had never seen him before this show.

Succession is brilliant and I’m happy to see so many of the actors being recognized. That said I think it’s a terrible oversight to have ignored all the actors on Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk and Reah Seehorn were brilliant in a particularly strong season of that show and I’m very disappointed to see them overlooked.

So maybe the question is, if your fav actor performance is not represented - who doesn’t deserve to be there so your actor gets a spot? Only so many spots!

@abasket You’re absolutely right and since I haven’t seen all of the shows whose actors have been nominated, I just can’t say who was less deserving of a nomination for best actor. However, I do think Meryl Streep’s performance in Big Little Lies (and I have huge regard for Streep as an actor) was not as strong as Seahorn’s this season, in my NSHO, so if I have to choose who is less deserving of the nomination, I guess it would have to be Meryl Streep (not that it matters now, of course).

^^ These type of opinions are interesting to hear!

For me I can definitely say whose performances I loved or were impressed by. But in my case, I probably haven’t seen 1/2 of the competing actors in that category so I don’t have the comparison to knock anyone off the list. :slight_smile:

I take Steve Carell off the Best Actor list and replace him with Damson Idris from Snowfall. And for that matter, how does Steve Carell get nominated for Best Actor yet Billy Crudup is nominated for Supporting Actor? I’d be shocked if Carell had more lines or camera time than Crudup.

I did not watch The Morning Show but have seen/heard more than a few people say that he should have not received a nomination.