2020 regular decision and scholarships

hi, I’m an international applicant . i would like to ask a few questions about spelman, firstly, when should regular decision applicants hear back from spelman. also does spelman email acceptances?
lastly, on the website it gives very little information regarding scholarships. i would like to know the grades/scores you need to recieve a scholarship. If anyone on this thread have gotten a scholarship could you tell me the amount and your stats please?

You can expect to hear back from Spelman by April 1st. They will email you with a notice saying you have an admissions decision and you will log onto your portal to see whether or not you were accepted. There are different kinds of scholarships at Spelman. The Bonner Scholarship which is for students who show high levels of volunteer work and the rest are based on merit. There is not a “cut-off” for the merit based scholarships but I believe if you are accepted into the Honors program you have a very good chance of getting a scholarship. The stats for the scholarship vary from year to year based on the incoming freshman class but there are only about 5 presidential scholarships given every year so the scores are probably high.

@kiwiblossom12 thank you for the information but could u tell me what does each of the scholarships cover?

The information is on their website http://www.spelman.edu/admissions/financial-aid/scholarship-fair/for-future-students

That’s funny that you said that. Spelman said they would be sending out there decisions through the mail. I still have not gotten my acceptance! Spelman is the last school I’m waiting out on.

@erigirl8675 That is weird. I know many people who received emails and then their package. But there might have been more applicants this year than expected so decisions are coming out late.

I also haven’t received my financial aid package yet.

@ThatPeprika Ahhh me neither but not just for Spelman. I’m waiting for a couple of schools. Have you tried calling the financial aid office?

I was told that the first round for merit scholarships is complete. If you havent heard anything you were not chosen for a scholarship.

@partyof5 so if you don’t get a scholarship you get no aid at all?

@kiwiblossom12 no it just means you didnt get merit money, but if you qualify for federal aid(need based), you should still receive a financial aid letter. We dont qualify for need based aid, so I am not expecting anything. You should call te financial aid office. Ive found spelman to be very responsive when Ive called.

@partyof5 ok thank you. I do qualify for need based but I heard that Spelman packages a lot of loans into its aid award. Which is a little frightening.