2020 Stanford Online High School Admissions Pool

Hi! I know that there have been some discussions in previous years about Stanford OHS, but I didn’t see one this year and would appreciate any feedback from anyone who is also applying for the 2020 school year. I actually just submitted my application yesterday, applying for round 1 (deadline was January 15, 2020) and will be awaiting my decision in March. To pass the time, I was just wondering about any other people’s stories, admissions chances, etc. Anything relevant is welcome.

Some demographic info about my own experience in case you want to use it for reference:

  • For the standardized test scores, I personally took the SSAT in November, scoring at the 95th percentile, with the highest individual score being in reading where I got a 99%.
  • Submitted a video essay 5 minutes (literally) before I submitted the application, there was not much planning involved, but I liked the end product.
  • I wont disclose a ton about my essays as they were quite personal to me, but it really helped to complete those early on in the admissions process
  • Not applying for financial aid
  • Applying for the “single course” option
  • Has dual citizenship (Finland)
  • Gender: female
  • Caucasian/asian/cuban
  • strong extra curriculars (like essay, I won’t disclose a ton because there is a lot of more unique elements in that, but if you ask personally, I can provide more information)
  • Current school: Rigorous charter school, ranked first public school in state
  • Duke TIP enrollment
  • Placed for spelling bee and ethics bowls
  • Competitive sports (equestrian)
  • Recommendation (I felt were strong), though I only submitted two as opposed to the optional 3… both teachers were kind enough to send me a copy of what they submitted, even though I had waived FERPA rights.
  • Both parents went to relatively competitive colleges (USC and Berkeley/transferred to MIT), so there are no points there and I like in a really generic suburb town.
  • Not a HUGE applicant pool in my state, but more than some (Oregon)… tell me if you are applying from here too!! :slight_smile:
  • Born in Hawaii

… let me know if you have any specific questions/if I am missing anything, but i am going to leave this pretty open-ended… the strongest part were extracurriculars and essays by the way, but some I do not feel comfortable sharing :slight_smile:
Feel free to share ANYTHING relevant!! I look forward to hearing other experiences :wink:

anyone know if there is advantage to applying for Round One as opposed to Round Two???

Hello there, I’m also an applicant for SOHS (currently applying Full-time for Grade 11 in Round 2). I believe that you have a very nice chance of getting into SOHS.

Certain elements, such as Duke TIP and SSAT scores are definitely going to help you quite a lot (typically above 90 percentile should put you in a very comfortable position).

From what I’ve heard, essays are important and it’s always good to have a unique, non-cliché essay.

Amongst the individuals who I’ve consulted, it seems like SOHS had roughly a 30-35% acceptance rate for the 2019 application session (estimated, not confirmed).

The main advantages of R1 compared to R2 can be seen on the school’s website but to summarize R1’s time constraints are considered and they are also eligible for Summer @ Stanford (R2 applicants seem to not have those opportunities). R1 is also the go-to time for people requesting financial aid (limited FA available for R2).

They reached out to my kid via e-mail to apply. I think the entire concept and program is pretty cool. If my kid wanted to homeschool they definitely would have applied.

@MKB2004 – I can confirm that I have heard around the same info as you have, but it seems to get more and more competitive every year. 30-35% for the acceptance rate is around what I heard, so I can only imagine what it will be this year… good luck with the rest of your application!

I am a fulltime freshman at OHS if anyone has any questions. :slight_smile:

My daughter is also applying to OHS R1. I know it is competitive I am hoping her stats are strong enough. She is really hoping she gets accepted, she is so unhappy at her current school right now.

She attends a highly competitive single sex private school in the Mid Atlantic, takes the most challenging classes offered to her and is one of the top students.

She took the ACT in 8th grade to get a baseline so she submitted that. 32C/35E/34R/31M/27S.

She wrote a personal essay about challenges she has faced in her sport.

She is currently ranked in the top 50 in her level in her sport. Currently spend 15+ hours practicing per week. Her coach has taken over a party room for his homeschooled students.

She plays harp and cello if she is attends OHS she will have time to play with a harp ensemble.

She tutors math to middle school students before school.

Is both CTY and Duke TIP enrolled.

Strong letters of recommendation, she did not eat them but all 3 offered.

She has also applied to Davidson but she feels that it is not the right fit for her.

R1 decisions come out this month! Excited?

Any news anyone ??

Haven’t heard anything yet. When will they announce the result?

Last year the results came out after March 15th, but the website just says “Mid-March” which is pretty cryptic – at the earliest, tomorrow… good luck!

Thanks. Good luck to everyone too!

Okay, so my assumption is that it could come out any time today (or not at all). Did anyone hear anything yet?

Last year was around March 23 if I recall correctly. Our kid is a single course OHS student this year.

It’s good to know last year was March 23. Thanks. We still haven’t heard anything yet.

I just went back and searched my emails. Last year, SOHS sent an email on Wednesday, 3/13/19 saying that admissions decisions would be posted late the following week. The actual decision was posted on the portal Friday, 3/22/19. I hope this helps everyone waiting!

If anyone has any questions about SOHS I am happy to answer, but my kid is just a single course student (advanced math) so I am not too sure how much help I can be.

Did anyone else get an email saying that they would be released on the “the afternoon of Friday, March 20”… 4 more days.

Yes. My daughter also got an email saying the decision will be out on March 20. Good luck everyone. Thanks for all your info.

If we haven’t received any news by now after 3:30pm does it mean that we are rejected?

I have not heard news either–I would assume that they would release all acceptances/waitlists/rejections at the same time, but I am not sure.