2021-2022 USC Transfer

Welcome USC Trojan transfer hopefuls! This is a new thread for those who will turn in their app by Feb 2021 in order to commit (fingers crossed!) to USC for fall 2021 or Spring 2022.

In the past years, this has always been a super helpful and supportive community - a lot of friendships have been forged that started here on cc in the transfer thread.

I would suggest reading through past threads for some good info (you can search 2020-2021 USC Transfer (or earlier years as well in that same format). USC has a ton of info on the transfer process on the website.

Good luck to you all!


I’ll be applying in feb 2021 for the fall 2021 admissions and I wanted to know if I can get some advice from past students that successfully transferred. Does USC look heavily on ec’s? I’m currently working full-time and I don’t have time to do ec activities especially during the pandemic. Also, right after high school I actually went to a vocational school (culinary arts) and worked for several years and decided last year to go back to school. I don’t really count culinary arts school a college since its a for-profit 2 year technical school, so it might seem like I have a large gap from high school to my cc because in between I attended culinary school and worked for several years. Will USC look heavily down on this? Also, I’m a bit older then majority transfer students and was wondering if this will also hinder my admissions? Currently my major is sociology and have a 4.0 with honors classes. Any advice will help thank you!

Does USC accept a lot of credit taken from your previous college?

@moundalay You’d have to look at the articulation agreement between USC and your current institution. It’s very helpful and tells you which credits transfer over and which don’t.

Here’s the link: https://camel2.usc.edu/articagrmt/artic_hist_range.aspx :slight_smile:

@jlee415 Look up “Trojan Transfer Plan” and fulfill all of those requirements.

Does USC give nice financial aid packages for transfers?

That completely depends on your unique financial situation. They don’t give much in academic scholarships to transfers, just a few for 1/4 tuition, relative to freshman class it isn’t that much. But FA is determined by your and/or your parents financial status so no one can predict that but you using net price calculator, then looking at everything USC takes into consideration.

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share which essay prompt they are choosing to write? I was thinking about doing “What is something about yourself that is essential to understanding you?” and writing about a hobby. Does that seem dumb though? Are they looking for something more “deep”?

Is it possible to have completed GE-C before transferring? i was looking at marshall and their example curriculum and GE-C was in junior year?

Hey, I’m looking to email my admissions counselor, but before I do I wanted to ask is the email supposed to be in a formal format or casual? Also anyone got any examples of an email that they’ve sent, Thanks

Hi, thought I’d drop in to drop some perspectives for this year’s transfer class since last year’s thread was super helpful. I’ll be watching this thread throughout the year. As always, very nice to see you @CADREAMIN

Always use a formal format. It’s a sign of politeness, and I’m pretty sure it’s better to come off as a bit deferential than just flat out rude.

Honestly, I feel like the main thing that is important to your application is having a theme and how that theme showcases you. If you want to write about a hobby, go for it; just tie it back around with why it’s important to you. I literally wrote mine on volleyball tryouts and how I always went the extra mile… all the way down to how I tied my shoe. Just have a theme and rock with it, but don’t make another sob-story out of your application because I feel like they’ve seen enough of those; unless yours is really unique to you.

@CADREAMIN Does USC pay close attention to classes you didn’t get A’s in or just your overall GPA?

Both. For example, engineering would be looking closely at math and physics grades. So generally, classes important to the major are taken into consideration more than those that aren’t. But trends in a subject area are looked at too, more than just a single lower grade.

@CADREAMIN Appreciate it! Because I got a B in one of my English classes and I’m a Journalism Major. So I decided to take 2 extra English classes this semester. Do you think if I do good in those classes it would help them shy away from the B that I got?

Absolutely. They understand when a B is out of character and when B’s are a trend. They get all the variables - tough teachers, life events, bad teachers that can influence a grade, or sometimes a kid just gets a B. That’s ok. I think the extra English classes are a good move. A lot of people freak for getting a B, but remember, what they really want to see is your passion to show in your application, whether it is for your major, interests, goals and USC itself. Those are key with a good gpa. A passionate app can overcome a lot of things in gpa and test scores. They truly are holistic. Good luck!

Hey, definitely possible to do your GE-C before transferring in (that was one I completed before transferring). Don’t worry too much about the order of classes shown on the Marshall example curriculum unless a class has a specific prerequisite (like needing to take Financial Accounting before Finance). Other classes can be taken essentially whenever; for example, I took Marketing during my senior year because it wasn’t a prerequisite for anything else.

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of how high the acceptance rate is for juniors applying in their third year (external transfers). I hope to apply for Cinematic Arts in Feb. Does anyone know if transfer students will have to start all over, like from freshmen year, if they are accepted?

@CADREAMIN Thank you so much for your honesty and help!