2021-2022 USC Transfer

When did u get it?

Do you guys recommend uploading current spring grades so they have an idea of how we’re doing. Or should we let them request SGR’s?

In all honesty, that is a judgement call that you can only make. I have been wondering that as well but personally, I decided i would rather wait to see if they are even wanting spring grades and this is solely for my own personal reasons that may not be the best reason for you.

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I think waiting would be best because I feel like it might delay your application

Today at 5pm.

are people with quarter system schools mainly getting SGR’s ?

I got an SGR. non ttp non legacy, viterbi. wish me luck guys ):


Hello everyone, yesterday I received an SGR which I anticipated because I am currently taking 6 pre-reqs(I am a freshman applicant non-ttp and non-legacy) In the email it states, " we would like to see the final grades from…"; however, it also tells me to “upload your unofficial spring grades”. Does this mean to upload my current spring grades? or to wait for them to be finalized and then upload an unofficial transcript?

i think they mean to wait until your grades are finalized idk someone fact check me plz

Not sure. I’m at a quarter school and I haven’t received an SGR.

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Did you just get it? Its late… I’m not worried hunn… You got this!!!

called yesterday. they lost my transcripts :slight_smile:
chances of this having any effect on my admissions decision might seem slim but i feel like it’ll hinder my application

Hey guys I know this might be a stupid question and I am definitely overthinking this, but is it normal to not receive a spring grade request even if you are doing a lot of units this semester.

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Same position. I’m taking 20 units and have yet to receive an SGR. Are you taking prerequisites this semester/major requirements? If your GPA is high, maybe they don’t need verification that you’ll keep your spring grades up and you’ll receive your decision soon.

It depends on your specific situation. Typically, applicants(Freshmans applying for sophomore year) with under 30 units or applicants who are in the taking a pre-requisite receive SGR. With this in mind, it’s more uncommon for Sophomores (applying for Junior year) to receive an SGR since they already have a sufficient number of credits from which an admission decision can be determined from.

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Same here, taking 18 units but not major requirements. However, I’m taking a couple of honors clases and calc 2(which is not a req)

I’m in a similar situation I’m taking 17 units including calc 2 which is not a major requirement.

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yup! it was pretty late which is why I was surprised. thank you!! <3

Thanks @CADREAMIN! I’m getting my chancing page ready to submit! One of my friends from TJ ,which is where I attend, showed me this site and he posted beforehand so I’m just waiting a few days to submit it so that I don’t get banned due to suspicion of two of the same school submitting chance mes.

i just did this… only because my grades are pretty decent right now and @CADREAMIN said it shows youre still interested! but up to u