2021-2022 USC Transfer

I’m kind of in the same boat as you in terms of GPA (CC units from HS are really bringing my GPA down). But I think you should still go for it. USC approaches admissions from a holistic view and you’ll never know what could have happened if you don’t apply. It doesn’t hurt to give it a shot and if you can use some of the prompts to explain setbacks and how you overcame or plan to overcome them I don’t see why they wouldn’t give you a chance. Best of luck in your endeavors!

hello y’all! i am also planning to apply to transfer to usc for fall 2021 (hopeful). good luck on the application!!

You think they gonna be easier on us for extracurriculars and overall lol? Cuz covid kinda made things complicated we literally on statewide lockdown in CALI! i hate this shoot

How does transferring work to USC as a sophomore considering that when you apply as a freshmen you’ve only completed a semester or in my case on my way to about 40 quarter credits at the end of March?

Can you guys tell me if my chances are slim?
I am a middle-class black female. I currently attend a Big 10 University on the east coast as a freshman, so I am applying to be a sophomore transfer. My Gpa right now is a 3.5 but after I take my winter courses I’ll have a 3.64. I didn’t join any clubs because most were inactive due to covid. I also plan to have one letter of rec. I don’t know if it matters, but my high school Gpa is also around a 3.6. I am currently an econ major and plan to apply to Dornsife as an econ major. I completed all of my prerequisites and most of my gen eds. Do you guys think I have a good chance?

Hello everyone,

I’m a current sophomore at a CCC seeking to transfer to USC’s Marshall School of Business for Fall 2021. My GPA is currently sitting at a 3.82 and I have already satisfied Marshall’s Writing 130 & Math 118 requirements at my CC. I have completed the Financial and Managerial Accounting courses as well. I passed all these courses with A’s. I’m currently working on completing Economics 1 & 2 along with the final rest of my GE’s which should all be satisfied by the end of the upcoming spring semester.

However, at my CC; in order to take Math 118, students must take Math 117. Unfortunately, I withdrew from Math 117 twice my freshman year because I was going through some personal stuff that was affecting me academically. Fortunately, I was able to pass my third time and was able to move on to Math 118. I have not failed any courses and the lowest grades I have received are 2 B’s. The rest are straight A’s. I was also working a part-time job during that time and continue to work now.

Another thought that worries me is that I do not have as many clubs/extracurriculars on my list as I would like. It was difficult to join any clubs and organizations this year because of remote learning. Numerous clubs/organizations at my CC took a pause this year due to COVID. Although, I was and still am apart of the First-Year Experience Program at my CC if that counts? I am also First-Gen if that’s worth considering. I know the personal statements play an incredibly huge factor when it comes to admissions. So, I’m working to craft them to the best of my ability and will probably ask my writing professor to give me her thoughts on them before I submit them.

USC is without a doubt a reach school for me but it is my dream school and nothing would make me happier than to be able to join the Trojan family.:crossed_fingers:

I’m aware that no one here can give me a final decision but I’d like to hear some of your thoughts. What do you think my chances are at getting into USC? Thank you :slight_smile:

I think you have a very good chance since you fulfilled the main requirements (writing, calculus and financial/managerial accounting) with A’s. Also your GPA at 3.82 is above the average GPA of 3.7+ for transfers admitted. I don’t think the activities are that important for transfers, especially during COVID. GPA is more important and therefore try to at least maintain your current GPA.

Any of y’all work on your essays yet?

Hi, do you guys think 3.8 is a low gpa for Marshall?

I saw people from last year thread get accepted with a 3.81 so you never know i guess, i say u got a good shot! Better chance of getting in than not getting in. I think essays might break or make your decision though tbh

Hey, I hope you are doing well. I saw a youtube video about this USC transfer student talking about how the admissions process is 80-85% based on your GPA and the rest is based on your essay/extracurricular activities. I was wondering if that is true or not? It made me feel a little unmotivated as I had gotten a B and C in English and math as a journalism major in fall 2019. Although I recently raised my GPA up to 3.73, I was curious about your thoughts on the admissions process.

@sportsguy808 Hey there, happy new year! First, a transfer gpa of 3.73 is great, and while gpa is important, I would not put the percentages that high because individual results vary greatly. Amazing essays that express your passion, what you have learned about yourself in life and/or college so far, your goals and what you will bring to USC (they already know they are a great school, so you don’t have to sell them on that) and what you will do with your USC education can do a lot to “bring up” a gpa. What did you learn after getting a C in English? Are you still committed to journalism, if so, let them know that. Look into programs and even professors at USC and mention those you would like to experience while there. Don’t get psyched out by what you see online, let your positivity come through in your essays. Good luck!


Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well and starting your new year off strong.

I am having some questions on my eligibility for applying to the Fall 2021 transfer considering my complex (sort of) situation.

I used to be a student at a CCC, and after spending two and a half years there, I was admitted by a private in-state university as a spring 2021 transfer student and accepted the offer. So my history basically looks like this: 2018fall to 2020fall at a CCC, 2021spring at the new univ. Yet, after taking a winter class and receiving my academic planning, for now, I decided that I might want to take an extra shot and see if I can transfer to USC for fall2021 even if I have already transferred to a university.

Other than that, I have completed every transfer requirement listed by USC and having only 1 USC GE category unfilled. I have also completed all the recommended courses (for Marshall) at the CCC and had a 4.0 GPA overall.

It will be much appreciated if I can hear any advice or suggestions! Thanks.

Did any of you guys send in your application yet?

Thank you for your wise words!

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