2021 Acceptance

My S was accepted to Butler today! Nice video of the bulldog!

Congratulations @jpc763! My daughter received an acceptance email on Friday – a great way to start the weekend. We thought the video was a nice touch too!

Just got accepted with a $20,000

@soyunchico - Excellent! Congratulations!

I was accepted with the 16,000/yr scholarship just a couple weeks ago! I’m still torn on where I want to go to school, but I will be visiting both Butler and my other top pick next week to hopefully decide.

Accepted as well with 16,000/year

Accepted with 20,000/year academic… also accepted into dance performance major!

Accepted with 20,000/ year also! Did anyone receive an email about applying to the honors program? Or does anyone know what it is like?

@keurig83 I did this Friday!

Accepted OOS in Michigan with 16k/year!
Visiting campus - “True Blue” - 2/21/17!
Hope the experience will be great. This is my first of many campus visits so I want it to go well.
Anyone out there already do a campus visit?

Accepted, have a total scholarship of 60k

True Blue was an excellent day for D. Great experience regardless of which university she chooses. The Butler students were very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

My D completed the True Blue campus visit and she enjoyed her time there. We as parents were able to scour parts of the north side of Indy and also enjoyed ourselves. My D really liked going to classes and meeting her guides’ friends while hanging out in the dorm. Everyone she met was polite and friendly. As @ILShawn claims: Highly recommend!

@Quintpgroup - I’m taking my D for a True Blue day next Thursday. We’ll have some time to kill Wed. afternoon and I’d appreciate any suggestions of any must-see or must-dos while in Indianapolis!

Was anyone here accepted to Butler’s Theater program at the Jordan College of the Arts? That’s what my daughter is considering and we are hoping to learn a lot more about Butler’s theater program, particularly for acting.

(BTW, my D was accepted with $14K academic award and $2K Jordan College of the Arts award.)

@LuvsLabs - Our first time there and the section of Indy, very close to Butler, named Broad Ripple is a must-do! Depending on how much time you want to kill; you could kill it all there, especially if the weather is nice. (Our day was overcast and chilly and we still had fun!). A must-see are the homes in that area along N Meridian! Wow! In fact, that entire area has some lovely homes; drive around and enjoy.
Your D will like the visit, I’m sure.

@Quintpgroup thanks, and good timing! We are at the airport right now