2021 Chapman University Transfer

I want to start a new thread for those applying for transfer for Fall 2021 to Chapman. Let’s encourage each other and share our journey.

I’m applying for the Graphic Design program for fall 2021 as an incoming junior!
I have a 3.1 GPA ( one bad semester) and 60 credits transferring in :slight_smile:
Graphic Design is apparently supper hard to get into and I applied in 2018 for undecided so really hoping to get in this year!

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I’ve heard great things about that program, so my fingers are crossed for your acceptance. Did you apply elsewhere?

I already got into school that I like point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego for graphic design I wanted to try again for Chapman

Awesome! Keep me posted on your progress…

Little update…
Im submitting my transfer application tonight so crossing my fingers!
Do you know when we are supposed to hear back? I know some places on the website say mid march but im so eager to zero in on a date haha

Hello @ddakdm,
Unfortunately, I think it is mid to late March. I know some friends that got accepted last year and I think it depends on the major, but most heard the third week of March.

Hey @makeupyourmind thanks for making this thread!!

This is my first time applying to a private university system (I had no trouble with CSUs), so not sure if I’d screwed up during my application lol.

Here are my stats:
GPA: 4.0
Major: Film Production
ADT?: Yes (plan to have complete by end of Spring 2021)
Pre-req: in-progress
Golden 4: A,A,A,in-progress (currently taking this semester)
Schools Applied: CSUF (accepted), CSULB -accepted), Chapman University

I am quite nervous with decisions cause tbh I heard Dodge College is hard to get in — especially if your planning to apply for film production major (4% acceptance rate).

Well, your stats look amazing, so you have that going for you! I am not too sure about the admission process for Dodge. However, I do know their program is amazing! Does the major require you submit work or a portfolio? I think I remember they required an interview, but I can be wrong about that. Also, I do think they took a bit longer than the other colleges for admission decisions. However, not as long as USC, they are just brutal.
I wish you the best of luck! Keep us posted on your progress…

Yeah I have to submit in a portfolio (a 2-minute short film) along with some stuff that goes in the creative supplement. They never told me about an interview, so I am assuming I don’t have to lol? I kind of did everything last minute because I was kind of hesitant with the low acceptance rate in my selected major and the tuition.

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Did anyone else get an update e-mail today? I have not been able to log onto the portal - I’m hoping it is good news!!

I just got into Chapman with a scholarship! I wish the best of luck to everyone else!

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yay, I am so happy for you!
What is your major?
What is your GPA?

Thank you so much! I am a Business Administration with an overall GPA of 3.813 at a CCC!

Awesome @locky00, maybe we can room together, lol!

I just checked my portal and I got accepted w/ merit scholarship- Junior status Business Administration GPA 3.8

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