2021 Chapman University Transfer

I am so sorry! I hope you find where you are suppose to be! I wish you all the best! Chapman just wasn’t meant to be.

I’m so sorry :frowning: I’m screen acting too and I have no news yet. I wonder what it means :grimacing: (if it means anything). Do you mind me asking when you auditioned?

hi! so i sent my first audition in on the 15th of february and then i had my callback on the 19th of february. : ) hopefully no news is good news!

I saw on the Chapman admission’s twitter page that they are releasing transfer admissions on a ongoing basis and that “Students will continue to hear back weekly over the next few months” … so there’s that …

Did they specify what day of the week?

nope just that they will be releasing admissions to transfers in the next couple of months

so it could literally be any day from tomorrow until like July that means

I think so, which is STRESSING ME OUT cause I have to pick classes for fall semester next month

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I’ve emailed admission office about decisions and they said mid-April ://

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Mid-April is like next week though… so that’s a little comforting? I don’t know if I trust it haha I don’t want to get my hopes up again.



idk what time of day do they usually come out?

I think around 5pm ish Cali time usually

oh so maybe in a few hours we will hear something hopefully!

hopefully !!!

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Just got an update, haven’t looked yet

I got an update today. Found out I got rejected

Oop, rejected for screen acting. Good luck everyone!! I really thought I would be super sad but I’m not. Kinda funny how it all works out :slight_smile:

I got into Dodge!!!

I got rejected just now for film production.