2021 Columbia Combined Plan Admission (3+2 Program)

Feel free to post updates in this thread!

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Hi! Any idea of when decisions are coming out this year, its been such a long wait haha

Hey, I’m actually a prospective 3+2 transfer (currently a freshman but I’m curious about how admissions go and didn’t see an open thread so I decided to make one). Historically, the decisions have been released mid April (I believe it was April 12th last year).

April 12th last year was Easter Sunday, I know you are probably estimating the date, so just curious about that :sweat_smile:

Oh, whoops! Turns out it was the 13th

Here’s the link to last year’s thread if you were curious: 2020 Columbia Combined Plan Admissions / Discussions

Any ideias on the notification date for this year?

No idea, I’m hoping it’s soon, I’m getting nervous haha

I did notice, though, that this week they reviewed all of my financial aid documents (one was “Not Reviewed” for quite a bit)…so maybe it’ll be soon

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I was told it could come out today, I’m nervous as well. Will it come out as an email?

That’s what I’m assuming based on past threads. By the way, how do you know it’s today (if you don’t mind me asking)?

A past student told me it could have been yesterday, but I didn’t get anything. It says mid April in this link:
Anxiously waiting to see when that is

Hi all, is there anyone that also applies to the 2021 combined plan program? Do you guys know when would the decision come out?

One of my friends received an email regarding the combined plan application in March. They had requested an application clarification from him by April 2nd, so I suppose most applications will be reviewed by April 2nd. Considering the release date of 2020 was April 13th with ivy day 2020 being March 26th, I feel like April 12th would be a reasonable date for 2021. If they were to delay the decision date due to covid to the same extent as RD, it would go pass “mid-April”.


what is going onnnnn, no update or anything :(((

is there gonna be any update today?

I just realized the decision for 2019 came out on April 18. I guess mid-April isn’t really a hard deadline for the release date then. Despite my previous post, there is probably another week or so before the decisions come out.

April 18, 2019, was the third Thursday of April. My guess is that we should get acceptance/rejection letters at least by this Friday. For some reason I feel like we will get an update by tonight too, just a hunch.

How do we check our financial aid application status? I clicked their “menu” button on the financial aid portal but all that’s shown is the home page option.

There used to be another option where you can see which of your documents were received and/or processed. It appears to be gone now.

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