2021 Fall Stanford Transfer Thread

Dear fellow prospective Stanford transfer students,

I’m a University of British Columbia student who just went on a gap year, and I’ll be applying to Stanford as a transfer next March. I want to get a thread started, since it doesn’t seem like one has been created yet.

Here are my stats:
GPA: 3.86
ACT: 32

  1. Certified meditation instructor
  2. Volunteer server at Vipassana meditation center
  3. Columnist at school newspaper
  4. Publicity Chair of school’s film club
  5. Volunteer at a Buddhist temple
  6. Pole dancer
  7. Martial arts student (I do tai chi, ba gua, yi quan, and krav maga)
  8. Marketing internship
  9. AV Aide at my school

Additional Info: I am a Canadian, so I’ll be in the international pool of applicants. This will be my first time applying to Stanford, since I only applied to one school when I was a high school senior. Do I have a shot?

Please feel free to list your stats, comment, or anything else you like. We are all in this together - best of luck to everyone.

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Hi there, I just joined College Confidential to search for transfer threads! It’s good to see that there are other students on this site who are also planning on applying to Stanford as a transfer student. :slight_smile: I’m a community college student from California. Good luck to everyone!

Also planning to transfer. Early start on the thread!

hello everyone! i am planning on applying to transfer for next fall for the comm program. im currently a community college student in miami. im wishing everyone the best of luck with their apps!!!

Hey! I am too planning to transfer. I am currently a student in a peruvian university. Good luck to everyone!

this thread is tooooo quiet. how is everyone? wanna start posting stats so we can all feel bad about ourselves?

Good luck to all of you! One of you asked about having a shot. Stanford’s transfer acceptance rate is lower than their freshman acceptance rate. Last year 2,466 applied and 24 were accepted, 20 attended.

Hi guys, I’m applying to Stanford this year as a comp lit major. I’m a community college student in California. Nice to meet you all, and good luck on your applications! :slight_smile:

good luck to you too!

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I think over 80 got accepted last year? Can’t verify but it’s what I heard. Wonder about numbers this year?

Last 5 years 24, 27, 31, 42 and 20 were accepted. You can look up Stanford’s common data set and see the transfer acceptance numbers for many years.

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Do anyone else think the acceptance rate will be higher this year due to all the people who dropped/deferred?

I would say no. A lot of people deferred during last year’s admissions cycle, not this year’s (the decisions haven’t even been released for freshman applicants), which means there are more people coming back on campus after a gap year. On top of that, they all received a crazy number of new applications this year. So if anything, it would be lower–but I’m pretty sure colleges accept the same number of people regardless of circumstances. It would just mean there is less hope for people who end up on the waitlist because there is no need to “fill” the places that some of the admitted students leave to attend school elsewhere.

Very insightful. But let’s say I am applying for the class of 23 as a transfer… Do you think there are a lot of drops in the class of 23 from the past year that they are trying to look to replace?

By “drops,” are you referring to deferrals? Again, since anyone who is part of the class of '23 and deferred must’ve deferred last year (meaning they don’t attend school during the current academic year and will return next year, which is when we as transfers begin our term), it would probably mean less hope for the waitlisted students, if anything. There’s no need to “replace” them if they’re returning. If you meant to ask if there would be a need for this replacement because they are now technically part of the class of '24, that still isn’t the case since there are other people who deferred and are returning among the lowerclassmen. It most likely won’t have any impact on the number of students that they accept, unless they were looking to intentionally increase the number to grow the transfer community, COVID or no COVID.

But I’m saying this from my own perspective, so it obviously doesn’t represent the admissions officers’ perspective! Hope this helps, though. :slight_smile:

Are you a Stanford student currently? or applying?

I have a sibling there and I’m also a transfer applicant applying. :slight_smile:

What school you transfering from?

I’d prefer not to say that for the sake of keeping my info private in the online space—sorry! That’s what I heard from the transfer communities at my school and others that I’m part of from being admitted last year, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not my theory has some validity to it. Please feel free to DM me if you’d like to hear more from my perspective! I’ll stop spamming the feed for now haha. :slight_smile: