2021 Fall Stanford Transfer Thread

May 15th is the latest. Normally decisions begin to roll our a week or 2 prior to the deadline. If previous years are of any indicator, they tend to start rolling between May 6-9th and the week afterwards

This is just an assumption and I may be wrong



we have a similar background. I feel you! I am a CC student, nontraditional, and want to transfer in philosophy too. Hoping for the best to all CC students here.

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When does everyone think decisions will be released?

I predict they will be released between May 10 and May 15

Speculation: According to the previous threads (from 2012-2020) it has been May 6-11. Friday if the decision falls under Early May or Wednesday for mid-May. With that being said, this Friday is May 7th and next Wednesday is 12th(haven’t been out this late at least for a decade), we might hear on the 7th! Who knows…

Edit: My speculation just confirmed. It’s official guys. The decision comes out this Friday on 7th! https://admission.stanford.edu/


Stanford will release their transfer decisions this Friday at 4 pm PT


Hey, y’all! If I update the admission committee the new info such as awards, are they still going to check?

Not anymore:(
They’ve already made their decisions about us

FWIW just saw May 7th decision date on Reddit.

Today’s the day! Good luck to everyone out there. Whether you get in or not, it doesn’t take away from your accomplishments or your worth. No matter what, you will be a successful student wherever you go!

Good luck to everyone tonight! Stanford would be lucky to have every single one of you.


The portal changed, all the stuff on the top is gone
except for the thank you for applying

Do you guys have a withdrawal button??

Hi. You still have it. Look at the drop down menu for update your application. It will allow you to withdraw.

cant find the withdrawal :frowning:

but edit address and stuff are still there

Yea I couldn’t find withdrawal neither and can still edit address and update scores. I think that’s the same for everyone

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My application checklist materials are still there. Does anyone else have them?

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Me too

I have them also!

I think everyone have them