2021 Fall Stanford Transfer Waitlist

“Stanford invites only a small percentage of students to join the waitlist, and you are part of this exceptional group. We acknowledge your strong interest in Stanford, and we appreciate the thoughtfulness of your application.” Just like what it says in our letter, let’s keep our hopes up! I understand that coming off a waitlist is almost a pipe dream, but you never know!

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Hello! I am also waitlisted. How many people do you think are on the waitlist?


Hey :slight_smile: Good to see you! I actually traced the previous threads for the transfer waitlist, I haven’t seen more than 5 people on each year’s forum… Someone from 2018 speculated that the waitlist size is only a single digit…In the meanwhile, I’ve seen 3 here on CC, you, stanfordsunshine, and myself. I’ve seen one person from the reddits :slight_smile:

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I opened mine today and also got waitlisted, still a huge accomplishment for me ngl

Welcome! :slight_smile: Were you too nervous to open your letter yesterday? I was like that too! Haha

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Tbh was more nervous about my Haverford decision bc I expected Stanford to be an automatic rejection. It wasn’t really my nerves preventing me from opening that decision either, I was just very tired yesterday and for some reason I don’t want to open decisions when I’m tired lmao

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Hey y’all! I’m on the waitlist too, do you guys wanna be in a group chat?

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Absolutely! I’ve been waiting for this moment! Please GO ahead

it won’t let me send the whole link so type https colon two slashes groupme dot com and then “/join_group/68342713/Ime4mmka” immediately after!!

Ummm… What about a discord chat?

ahhh i’m not super familiar with making discord servers–can you help make one? thanks so much!!

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I’m not an expert either, but here it is: https://■■■■■■■■■■/dzCw4jCN

Just in case anyone still wants to join here it is a new link: https://■■■■■■■■■■/sSxqjqPV

For the future applicants: We have a total of 9 people in the group chat. As of 6/10/21, no updates for transfers. First-year applicants heard their first wave of waitlist acceptance 3 weeks ago.

Can I join please?

Join me in pls, thank u!

Join us: https://■■■■■■■■■■/2PmmgBjV

Edit: the links expire after 7 days. So, let me know if anyone out there still wants to join us!

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Could you resend the link please? Thanks!

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Here is the link: https://■■■■■■■■■■/qemFdpm5

Feel free to join us! We have 11 people in our group chat