2021 Stocking Stuffers Thread

I hope I haven’t missed someone else starting a thread for this year. I buy presents for my granddaughters, but give the kids & spouses cash and some small gifts. With supply chain issues this year, I’m thinking I need to be getting on top of this task. The only idea I have so far is from D who received a pizza making kit from my brother’s family last year. She liked the dough mix and the small jar of sauce, so I bought the dough packet when I was downtown last week and got myself on the list for sauce when it arrives in 2-3 weeks. I always get some good ideas from the CC community, so let’s hear them!


I was just going to start this thread, and here it is.
I’ve decided I’m going to buy some of the Costco sized boxes of small sized snacks - 100 calorie popcorn, Famous Amos cookies, Welches fruit snacks, various chocolates, etc., and put them in our family stockings.
I’ve been doing household staples, such as “fancy” hand soap and other cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer, so need something different this year.


Our stocking stuffers have the same theme every year….fruit and nuts…with some chocolate. Hoping not to have difficulty getting any of these things!

Already have bombas for DD, and a different sock set for DS and SIL.

One of our kids is moving into a condo also will get some Home Depot, Lowe’s and Target gift cards…probably not in the stocking. But maybe!

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I bought this for my own stocking this year! I needed to replace a small grater that was getting dull and love the finger guard and the ability to collect the grated stuff in the bottom. It was on backorder forever and finally came last week.


@2VU0609 , thanks for starting this thread - I’ve been waiting for it! So far, my proudest purchase is a $30 Tom Ford lip balm for my son. I got him one last year, thinking it was a really dumb extravagance, but he loved it and cherished it. This year, I used a Saks cash back benefit I get with my Amex card and was able to get another “for free.” I also buy him a pair of Stance boxers every year. The designs are lots of fun. The underwear thing is something I’ve inherited from my mother, whose rule was that Santa gives underwear to every person every year. Bombas socks were mentioned above, and I have also bought some for my daughter. First time to buy Bombas, but both of my kids are socks connoisseurs. My son gets Balegas for running. I also bought my daughter a satin sleep mask for fun, and I bought each of them a Tribe cellphone armband. Still lots of room in the stockings, so I’ll be watching this space for more ideas! The Zwilling grater looks like something for my husband, the gadget guy (and the chef).


Santa also always brings socks and underwear in our stockings😊


I’ve been collecting small items for my D’s apartment. Lots of little reusable green items. I also got mini facial masks from Origin.

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A bottle of wine fills a stocking quite nicely. Just saying. :slight_smile:


I have a $15 free cvs cash plus $5 from flu shot so bought $20 of HI candies. Mailed them in 2 flat rate padded envelopes to the kids. Got a $6 off $60 plus $1 off so bought another $30 of Hi candies for the kids’ stockings.

Have to start looking for things—maybe when I go to Costco on Thursday. Love the Milano cookies that are packaged 2 per mylar bag. May buy a container of them.

Where do your kids live? The Costco stores in So Cal sell a lot of Hawaiian candy and cookies. They may in No Cal as well.

I put gift cards , an ornament and socks every year. Socks are usually Balega or some nice heavy ones for winter outdoor activities.
I’ve also put in bottles of specialty olive oil from a local shop. Kiehl’s products have been well liked and not something my kids usually buy for themselves.
Wine sounds like a great addition!

For stocking recipients that cook some small bottles of flavored vinegars are nice. Also quality spices or rub blends.


A bottle of wine in the stocking has been my “go to” for years!

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Another stocking stuffer for cooks or "wanna be " cooks…there are lots of online cooking classes you can purchase. Often one time sessions that feature cooking/baking a few dishes. I bought a class for D1 and her BF last year - just printed out the confirmation email and put it in her stocking…it was an evening event and if they were busy to attend it live (it wasn’t for several weeks after Christmas) they received a link to be able to view/review for a couple of weeks after the live edition.

They loved it! One time classes can be in the range of $25 - a little pricier for a stocking stuffer but I’m fine with mixing the “value” of gifts in the stocking. They stocking will be nicely stuffed but quality over quantity. :slight_smile:


The kids live in LA and DC. They love li hing gummies, which they say they can’t get locally in either location. They are happy when they get these treats. It’s something they always look forward to.

I haven’t started shopping in earnest but should soon.

What are li hing gummies? If they are a candy, what makes them different from regular ones? (I love learning about new things!)

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Last year, I posted about those flat silicone body scrubbers. My apologies to anyone who bought them and had recipients hate them anywhere near as much as mine did! After almost a year of complaining, I ordered these as replacements. They are big, squishy, and make a ton of lather. If you need to make amends, get these. They come in tons of different colors, too. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016DQUKE0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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My sister brought my mother a case of hand warmers yesterday (Costco). I gave my daughter some last year in her stocking and wanted to buy a case for her this year so this reminded me. She and her BF like things for hiking and skiing, so last year got them things like a silver emergency blanket and a hiking book.

My daughter’s employer just gave her $1000 Amazon gift card so she’s been spending like crazy. Bought herself and BF $150 ski mittens, an Apple watch - we have very different ideas (and budgets) on what is a good stocking stuffer.


I have expensive ski mittens that I bought in Utah while skiing a couple of years ago, but they are the best and really keep my hands warm even when it is very cold!

I’ll have to see if our Costco here in California sells the case of hand warmers because this would be good stocking stuffers for everyone in our family since we all ski and D1’s bf who is a snowboarder and a hockey goalie.

Ours (Ohio though) always has hand and foot warmers (separate packages).