2021 Stocking Stuffers Thread

I just sent a message to my husband to order those cloths (he has Amazon prime). Will likely keep a couple and distribute a couple in stockings.


Did you know your husband can share his prime membership with you? He should be able to add your email address in his account, look for Amazon Household.


But it’s easier to ask him to do it :slight_smile:

We each have our “roles” - I go to Costco, he does Amazon…


I recently bought a few stocking stuffers for christmas this year. I bought a bottle of campsuds for my boyfriends stocking, and a handful of gift cards from a neighborhood kid selling them as a fundraiser at school.

I ordered some stacking bowls from Macy’s today. Don’t know if they’ll be for stockings or ‘main gifts’ with things stuffed in them, but they were only $8.



I like the way those bowls nest. And great markdown!

@twoinanddone, thanks for posting the link to the mixing bowls. I just bought a set but, lol, they’re for me! Felt like I was transported to the ‘bargain’ thread :slight_smile:


Have to admit, I bought 5 sets and one might just be for me!

If you have stocking recipients who like to use indoor glowy lights for decorating during the holidays/winter or anytime of the year I currently recommend these fairy lights that are plug in AND have a timer. Fairy lights are often battery operated which gets really annoying because you’re lucky if the batteries last a month.

I bought these about 3 weeks ago and have on my mantel. I like them so much better than the bigger standard string of lights. I have them on the timer setting where they go on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours. So for me, they go on at 5ishpm and off about 11pm. One string is pretty long!

I’ll be buying these for the female stocking holders!


Those look really nice!

Tech type things usually go over well for my adult children.
– I got this travel wire organizer for the kids – I think it is a good idea but we’ll see what they say in December LOL:
– I also got a pack of these “smart outlets” and will put one in each stocking. Again, we’ll see what they think.
I’m thinking these gifts, a bottle of wine, a gift card or two and a little bit of candy should fill their stockings!


A family at my D22’s school just had a house fire destroy their house (they are all okay) and the fire marshal said it was due to a cell phone charger. He recommended that you make sure all phone chargers are UL listed and said that some of the ones you can buy online come from overseas and do not go through the UL listing process. I think I am going to get a bunch of UL listed phone chargers for my peeps.


I highly recommend Anker chargers.


Here’s one that won’t appeal to everybody, but my daughter requested Inkbox semipermanent tattoos for Christmas. They are basically a high-end variation on the little skin decals she used to like when she was small, but some of the designs are beautiful and if it keeps her mind off the idea of a real tattoo . . . Anyway, in addition to a couple of larger ones she specifically requested, I bought some smaller ones to put in her stocking.

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Bought D and me some high end flip flops for everyday use instead of the cheaper rubber ones. They’re pretty useful and you can never have too many.

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I just ordered for my daughter pens that she likes and cute shaped post it notes. I think they will be good as stocking stuffers.

Please share which ones. I’m shopping for exactly the same for my two daughters :slight_smile:

They’re called Flojos and they’re from Costco. They’re nice enough to wear most places in Hawaii—on errands, shopping, visiting with friends.


They were @11.99/pair for the flipflops. H bought a pair of cool extension cords for the kids for $22.98 at Sam’s Club.

Also bought 3 pairs of very soft cuddledown socks for $9.98 also at Sam’s Club.

Costco had this set of hand creams for $10. They also had sone nice tights with pockets that can hold a cell phone and/or CCard or other items—not see through. Believe they were $20—plain or subtle print.

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Costco had this 16” very soft and fluffy pillow for $13 (I’m giving it to my GodD with a check). She loves soft things.