2021 Submitting ACT without writing - does anyone have a clear answer

My D21 took the ACT last year without the writing portion. She plans to apply to UCLA and UC Berk and would like to submit her score, however, based on a reply I saw posted somewhere on these boards (and can no longer find) it looked like there was a possibility that you could only submit your score if you also have a writing score. Has anyone heard more specifics/clarification around this? She has a 36 is OOS, so it would hopefully make a positive impact on her application. Thanks in advance.

I just posted on the other thread, but since then have found the UC regents direction here:

No essay required at any UC:


@Mwfan1921 Do you know if students choose to send scores to UC this year still, if sending one will reach the other UCs or if students need to send to each individual UC? Thank you.

UCs are all test blind this year, including UCLA (as of about two weeks ago). They won’t look at any scores.

To find out more… ACT wasn’t offering tests with writing sections due to pandemic and the ones we had were cancelled. We were in covid hotspots at the start of pandemic. Anyways we are in a fix now what should we do ? My son wants to apply for the BS/MD and they will only consider ACT if it has writing section!

Wants to apply where? All UC schools are test blind.