2022-2023 USC Transfer

For USC 2022-2023 transfer are they requiring Common App Transfer personal statement? Or are they only requiring their own questions?

Does USC do winter grade updates?

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Does USC look favorably on upward trends for grades? My grades two semesters were very low due to extenuating circumstances (physical/mental illness) which resulted in a cumulative GPA of 3.1-3.2, but this fall semester I have straight As that I’ll be applying with in Feb. Does anybody on this thread know if students with somewhat low gpa were admitted on an upward trend basis?

Hi Everyone, I’ve made a USC transfer discord for people to engage in and have easy access to questions and information. I’ll link it down below.

Hi there, I had a question about USC’s math preferences. I took Algebra II my sophomore year in highschool. I got an A first semester, but a C second semester because my teacher spread some of my medical information to her coworkers as gossip (yikes I know). I took precalculus my Junior year, getting a B and an A, but then graduated after Junior year. I am planning on testing out of the math requirement at my current school, but I was wondering if it would be better to take algebra here again? I’m certain I can get an A. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, multiple ECs and internship experience if that helps.

*I stopped going to math class because of her, that’s why I got a C

There is a new Instagram for transfers students for this fall/spring 2022 @Uscfall22tranfers

Advice from a Former Hopeful Transfer Student that was Accepted for Fall 2021:

As a non traditional student who started with previously awful grades, but then turned it around by the time I was ready to transfer to a university after returning to school in my 30s, describing the process as stressful would be the understatement of the century.

But as I complete my first round of finals at USC, I’m reminded that I promised myself I would try to provide as much help, and hopefully, some inspiration to the next round of transfer applicants.

This time last year was when I had started to obsessively check CC because of the overwhelming amount of uncertainty involved in applying for UNIs.

I want to convey that all of your individual journeys are yours alone. So comparing yourself to others is not only unhealthy, but also unnecessarily stressful.

Give yourself a break.

Your passion is what brings you to this threshold - so let that alone speak for itself. Believe in yourself and believe in your causes.

I won’t lie to you: some people will begin receiving acceptances or rejections as soon as January.

If you don’t, it’s okay- I literally got mine at the end of May and school started in September

You got this.

Here were my stats:

Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP)?: NO

Legacy: NO

@ Community College: 3.5
@ Cumulative: 2.96

Units completed: 52
Units in progress: 12

Pre-reqs completed: 2/2

  • (1) Writing 150
    I took English 2 @ my community college
  • (1) Intermediate Algebra or any levels of mathematics above it

I took both Finite Math & Elementary Statistics which I believe may have made my application more competitive

NOTE: College Intermediate Algebra or any level of math above College Intermediate Algebra counts

GEs completed:
all except my foreign language requirement

ECs listed on app:

  • Work exchanges for event production companies

Job/Work Experience:

  • listed all work while away from school, including current
  • I also listed my working with the company I already work for but want to move up in with my degree

Essays (subject and responses):

  • (1) Intro: my story of returning to school after a long time away which included my inspiration to return.

  • (1): contemporary social inequity: how I planned to change it

  • (1): if I could teach a course about something society should know, what would it be?: totally subjective

  • (1): why the school I’m applying to will give me the tools I need for mg career

Letters of Recommendation:

  • (1): Professor from my community college

Other schools applied to:

UCLA: rejected
UCSD: Waitlisted
UCSB: Waitlisted
USC: Accepted

I applied to 4 schools and got waitlisted by 2, rejected by 1 and was very lucky to get into my first choice, which was unfortunately the last school to respond.

But it was worth the wait.

Hang in there.



Thank you so much for this, your words of encouragement are highly appreciated and I know that worrying about my application will do no good. I’m also an older student who will be finishing community college at the age of 26 so I understand your struggle to an extent. I hope you have a great upcoming holiday. Fight on!!! :v:

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Hi! Is there an updated link to this?

Hi guys! I had a question regarding the short answers where they ask what your favorite snack is etc… From previous forums and online websites it seems as if the character limit is 100 characters, however, as I try writing them right now its only 50. Did they change it for transfers? Thank you!

Hello guys I’m a successful transfer to SCA’s IMGD (game design program) with an acceptance rate of 1-2% and sometimes below 1% for transfers. I’m from fall 2021 so feel free to reach out :))


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I ended up deleted it because nobody was joining

It’s always been 50 for the past couple years.

I can’t speak for the other majors, but from personal experience as a 2021-2022 transfer currently in Marshall, I was part of USC’s Trojan Transfer Program (TTP) and during my meeting with one of the transfer counselors I was told that even though TTP applicants typically need at least at 3.6 gpa, he said that if I wanted to get into Marshall it would be best to have all As, with only one B “if I really must have a B”. Hearing those words were definitely a little alarming, but over the course of transferring and watching my sister go through the process just the year before me into Viterbi, I’ve learned that they really just want to see you improve and show that you are willing to turn things around. So even if the first semester grades are a little lower, improvement in the second semester can really help you. Good luck to you all!

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Hi! @CADREAMIN I’m at a CCC applying as a junior transfer. My first choice major is film production and my second choice is journalism. I have a 4.0 so I’m not really concerned about my grades, but I’m slightly nervous about whether or not my app would stand out. I know that essays matter a lot, but is there anything else that I would need to stand out? (Mostly for SCA) Also, is there anything in particular recommended for Annenberg? I’ve taken some classes in media, communications, and journalism but not too many. Thanks:)

You got this :metal:

Hello @CADREAMIN, I’m a junior transfer applicant trying to major in Communications at USC. The only problem is the highest GPA I can get is a 3.3 due to past issues (Which I explain in my essay), but I have been showing an upward trend for the semesters before graduation and managed to make it to the Dean’s List with Honors. Do you think with my story, upward trend, and job experience, I have a chance of getting in?

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@CADREAMIN Do I still have a shot at getting in if my first year of college at SMC I got a 4.0 and my second year of college at a private 4 year in California I have a 3.25 GPA now?