2022 Rockefeller SSRP

Hi CCers

I applied to the Rockefeller SSRP this year. I did not see a new thread for the Rockefeller 2022 program, so I made one for further discussion and as a source of information for those interested.

Has anyone heard when results should be out?

I also applied ; haven’t heard yet. What are your stats - though I don’t think they cared much

Mine are
1540 sat/ 1500 psat / 4.0 UW- 4.6 Weighted

I don’t think I did a good job on essays - I reread them again and found some sloppy mistakes lol .

The interview offers came out the end of february and interviews happened throughout march.

Wait WHAT!!
How? Did you get an interview yet, have they begun to contact people?
So that probably means I got rejected since I did not get an interview :confused:

My stats were

3.98 unweighted and 4.45 weighted , 1480 PSAT , 34 ACT, 5’s on AP human Geo and APUSH, 4’s on AP Bio, AP Chem

Currently taking AP Physics C, AP Calc BC, AP Euro, AP Comp, AP Stats

2 X ISEF 2nd place in category, Presented at ACS meeting for 4 years, 2 X JSHS regional qualifier, MIT THINK semi finalist, PVSA gold, A few other science related award’s

Essays for the most part were ok. I talked about science volunteering In my local area and related that to my personal story. I’d say it was maybe a 6-7/10, sufficient but could be improved.

Any one else want to share/compare stats

I emailed the address that they provided on their website and they replied! They said that they’re still in the progress of evaluating applications and are hoping to send out more information about the interviews by the end of the month.

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I just got an acceptance email!

Did you have interview with them?


Thank you! Yes, I interviewed a few weeks ago (online). Rejected last year…


I guess that means they are starting to send out results today.

How long ago did you hear from them initially?

I have not gotten an interview ?

I also did not get any interview email - this means probably a rejection is coming my way.

Are you guys a junior or sophomore? My son is a sophomore and he didn’t get any interview email.

yeah same. Its unfortunate :confused:
I applied to 11 programs, so hopefully I get into one

Best of luck to everyone here

@Ashish_Gupta1 have you heard back from yet?

Also what other programs did you apply to to? Just curious?

No I haven’t heard from them and I checked up the status on application also on their website - it doesn’t say anything new.

I applied to many programs but so far have got rejections


  • Telluride
  • RSI
  • NotreDame leadership seminar

Wait list

  • YYGS; I will probably not go there.

Yeah I applied to like 11, but the only one I got back has been a rejected from RSI, it kinda stings a little but I did not expect much.

Did you apply to Anson L. Clark Scholars Program or CMU SAMS?

Anson Clarks : Yes. Not to CMU

do you mind sharing your stats?

Just got rejected this morning. It confirmed what I already thought might happen, if you don’t get an interview there is a HIGH chance you might be rejected. Location might be another issue, since I only come and live in New York during the summer.

I have a friend in New York who did not get an interview, but b/c he lives close by
. the program asked him to send in another letter of recc and any additional information that might help to strengthen his application about 1.5 weeks ago. He got in this morning.