2022 Simons Summer Research Program (SSRP)

Hi everyone,

I didn’t see a thread for this year’s program so I thought I’d start one.

Has anyone received interview invitations? When do you think decisions will come out?

In the meantime feel free to share which labs you applied to and your stats. I applied to Prasanna as my first choice.


Hi! I applied to Sirotkin as my first choice. Kind of nervous for decisions since my stats/essays are meh, but I did have some fun writing the application.

Hi I applied to Simmerling as my first choice.

For anyone who is curious here is a link to the 2022 research mentor listings.

@DaGr8Nave I also applied to Prasanna…I think her lab was my second or third choice idk

@booklovers19 @DaGr8Nave => Has anyone heard when results are coming out?

No interviews so far. Their website says decisions by early Apr.

Has anyone had an interview yet?

not yet

It’s been about a week, all there website says is that “Results should be out by late March and early April”

Has anyone heard anything on that j

Not me :frowning: Nothing

Just this minute (03/31/22 5.15 pm) received the big N-O via email.

I can’t tell if it was personalized or just bumpf. If you get a NO, let’s compare.

Same here.

I got rejected :slight_smile:

It’s fine……honestly

I have other programs I applied to, hopefully it will go better

To those who got in. Congrats it’s an amazing program

Every NO is one step closer to YES! Was your rejection 3 paragraphs? If it was a form letter I must say it was pretty well done.

Yeah mine was like 3 paragraphs

Before I even opened the email I was “thank you for…”

And already I knew things were not going to be good lol

I got rejected not even waitlisted or anything

It’s over and there is nothing I can do.

Congrats to everyone else. You all deserve it!

Hey don’t get stressed over this. I’m pretty sure there’s no waitlist on these things and if they don’t want you they obviously suck! So clearly there is nothing to be disappointed about! :trophy:


yeah…a really flattering reject letter

Thanks for the encouraging comment :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting into the Rockefeller summer research program tho, that’s amazing

I also got a 3 paragraph rejection just now !

Any word on when SSP or YSPA is coming out?

My D and her friends got rejection letters from SSP about 10 days ago. I guess the acceptance letters come out later.