2023 AP Exam Score Distributions

This year’s AP Scores have been released and Trevor Packer, head of the Advanced Placement Program, has shared the details of this year’s AP score distributions on Twitter. Packer provided a full breakdown of scores for all 38 AP courses as well as some insights into the scores. Since the AP exams are not curved, each year’s scores are an accurate representation of how exam takers fared overall in their AP courses for the year.

In his breakdown of scores Trevor Packer started with a few reminders about what AP scores mean and how they can affect students. Check out the article below:

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I appreciate the way he started the article reiterating that scores do not determine a student’s full academic potential. I know for my S23 there were some tests he cared more about doing well on where he thought he might get college credit, and there were some that he knew he wouldn’t get a 5 and his chosen college only takes a 5 so he didn’t study extra or practice much; he only took it tbh because we had to pay for it back in the fall. So out of his four tests he got a 5, two 4s and a 2! But he has an A in that class and his teacher told me personally that he always made a great effort even though he also expressed to her (kindly) that it wasn’t his favorite subject (loathes English; he’s a Math and CompSci major)