2023 ASSIP gmu

Hi all,

Has anyone got interview invitations? When do you think will come out?

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I did not yet. According to the website, sometime in March (probably mid-late).

I haven’t and I’ve already started panicking about it lol

Does anyone know how competitive is this program ?

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10% acceptance rate I believe.

I got one

from which mentor

I haven’t heard anything yet either. Hopefully, we’ll hear back soon, but I heard that last year they were sending out interview invitations even in late March

oh wow that’s fast!

My friend got an acceptance from Dr. Lee Solomon today!

anyone got one from Professor Ziheng Sun

did anyone get an invitation from any of the physics/astronomy profs?

Anyone hear back from Petricoin or Liotta?

Anyone hear from any CS professors?

I have been applying to these internships, but had no luck so far. Did you have any prior experience or publications? Anything that you think might have helped your application stand out?

Has anyone received any offers from Greg Stein, Hyeong Lee or Brittany Johnson Matthews yet?

Anyone got any interviews from Bioengineering mentors?? I am a sophomore. Not sure what my chances are!

Nothing yet

I did, did u end up getting one?

When did you get your interview email?