2023 LSA Honors Results thread

Hey everyone. Results supposed to come out today for first wave. Post your results here–Admitted, Deferred, Denied.

Anyone know what time they were released last year?

Daughter accepted NY state at 4:10pm

@ls0131ls This year?

Not sure they are really out. New poster with only one message posted they are out.

Received notification by email at 4:24pm today in NY state.

You said 4:10 in your first post and 4:24 in your second.

I guess you are the only one who has heard so far, and have heard twice?

Accepted Email today 4:27



Accepted at 2:25 pm MT

DS deferred

Thank you for applying to the University of Michigan LSA Honors Program. We have reviewed your application with care, but at this time, we are deferring our admissions decision until a later date.

You will hear a final admissions decision from us by April 23rd, 2019. We will contact you via email with the decision once it has been made.

If you are planning on attending U-M, you should go ahead and register for an LSA Orientation session. If we later admit you to Honors, you will be able to work with the Office of New Student Programs to make arrangements so that you can attend Honors Orientation. If you are interested in living in Honors Housing, if you are admitted to Honors, you will receive an admissions decision from us prior to the Housing Application deadline. If you have Housing-specific questions, you can contact the Housing Office.

We are sorry that we do not have a decision for you at this time, but look forward to contacting you soon with a decision. Again, thank you for your interest in the LSA Honors Program. We hope you will come to the University of Michigan in the fall and wish you all the best in your college career.

Was your decision via email? Have some not received notice yet? Expected results and nothing.

I still have not received notification yet and I turned in the necessary materials by the deadline?

I still have not received a response and submitted everything on time. My guess this is the case for many people, given the volume of views of this page and the only tiny handful of people who have posted their results

Accepted yesterday at 4:25 pm EST.

Does everyone that applied by the first deadline hear something by now?

Deferred. When are additional decisions due? Thanks!

Got accepted! Super excited and UMich is really proving to me as a strong contender.