2023 Simons Summer Research Program SSRP

Hi y’all,
I didn’t see a thread for ssrp this year so decided to start one!
Feel free to post questions about the application to discuss!

So I just applied and I really hope I get in. I chose Atmospheric Sciences as my top choice, do you think that field is easier to get in? Also, have you guys received an emailing confirming all your materials are under review?


I did not get any email. Did you get an email for materials under review?

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yep I got an email of confirmation last week!

Got the email stating materials under review 2-3 days ago.

i havent got the email… hopefully ill get it soon D:

i got my confirmation email on feburary 17th. Does this mean anything? Also does the application process have interviews?

When do Simons results come out?
Do they have any info on college matriculation?

anybody get an interview?

same, which prof?

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Anybody get an interview?

Late april

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Nah definitely not even in this field alone there are 3 atmospheric science applications :sob::sob:

Wanna compare stats?

got a request this morning

nah its april 1


what mentor?

I didn’t get any interviews for all the CS professors I applied to

I got an interview from my first choice prof like 2 weeks ago, and after the interview he said I am accepted…

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i dont believe this, but if its true, congrats!