2024 Accepted students

Anyone else out there considering Saint Mary’s?

S just interviewed for a departmental scholarship last Saturday and trying to understand the student experience. It seems like I am asking a question that others did a few years back. He likes the schools but I am not sure about the size and feel that it has a lot of local kids that go home every weekend. We are from So Cal so he can not do the same.

Hi there,

I am a current senior at SMC and have absolutely loved my time here!! While I do agree that it can be quiet on campus on the weekends, I’ve noticed that campus organizations are beginning to try to do more events on the weekends. Also, people tend to stay on campus more as they get older. Most of my close friends are from northern CA, and none of us go home too frequently, and we always find something to do with each other on the weekends.

What department did your son interview with? I am an Integral major and went through that whole scholarship interview process.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me! I have LOOOOVED my time at SMC and it’s really bittersweet that graduation is so soon.

Good luck wherever your son ends up!

Hi @theatregirl7
Thanks for your detailed response. He absolutely loves Northern California and enjoyed his time on campus. Like every student, he is trying weigh the different plus and minuses of his top choices. He is very social so we have had concerns about his overall experience which includes people, sporting events, weekends on campus, etc.

He interviewed for the Business School scholarship. At the moment we are trying to figure out what does it entail besides just majoring in the department. It seems like there are other obligations that are exciting but need to confirm.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will definitely reach out if we have specific questions that would be helpfully answered by a current student.

Good luck to you on your life ambitions after school!

Hi! How do I write you private msg? Daughter accepted and we have some questions before approaching deadline.