2024 EDII Decision

Didn’t see anything on here regarding this - anyone have an idea when decisions come out?

Kenyon tweeted about 7pm Eastern that decisions were live.

Thank you. My son got his email this evening - excited to be a Lord in the Fall!

I got in!!! I’m an international student and I could not be more grateful for the admittance and the huge financial aid package :cry: So excited for the next four years at Gambier!

Any deferrals here?

would you please tell me more about your application?
I’m an international and got deferred.
GPA (Unweighted): 4.00
SAT: 1420
TOEFL: 102
Math II: 790
Physics: 780
Good ECs. I believe good recommendations. 7 of 10 for the personal statement.
Looking for full financial aid.
Good interview and added a maker portofolio.

Congrats to those who got in!

SAT 1420
I didn’t take SAT II or AP Exams
My family contribution is $16000/year
In my opinion, the reason I got in was that I demonstrated my passion for writing throughout my application. I plan to study Sociology/Creative Writing btw.
In my PS I talked about how being an intern journalist transformed my mindset and led me to a more meaningful life. It was mainly my reflection/lesson rather than telling a plain story.
ECs: newspaper, yearbook, book-author, etc. I didn’t do sports.

Hi! Just found that I got admitted to Kenyon!!! Had some issues with the transcript so my decision was late. An international student from Ukraine, got full fin aid and couldn’t be more thankful for it. Sooooo excited for the fall!
Is there any group/chat for Class’24?

@yannettt Yes, there is. Feel free to join. Its name is Kenyon College Class of 2024.

Found it here and a group on Facebook, thanks!

@yannettt If I may ask this, did you ask for full financial assistance from the school (and they gave it) or did they offer you a fin aid package greater than your need?